The SamCard Pro-business Card app lets you organize your business contacts once and for all!


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SamCard Pro-business card reader & business card scanner & visiting card
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Reviewed by Adam Iktoff

Reviewed by Adam Itkoff

SamCard Pro-business card reader from SamTeam is a brilliant way to organize your life when you’re on the go. If after a series of meetings or a night of mingling, you find yourself with a pocket-full of business cards and don’t know where to begin, start by downloading this app.

The app simply allows you to snap high-resolution shots of business cards, and automatically registers the information in the contact section of the app. The function here isn’t groundbreaking, but is effective and quiet handy for those who meet a lot of people.


The app is pretty simple and straightforward, and doesn’t boast a lot of bells and whistles. After opting to add new information, you’ll see a frame in front of the screen. Hold the business card up toward the frame, and snap a picture with as much precision as you can manage.

Watch the information convert into a contact form without the hassle of manually entering the information. Voila! This is the primary function of the business card reader, and after a bit of practice, it’ll save you some time while allowing you to show off your tech-skills.

SamCard Pro Business Card Reader iPhone App Review

SamCard Pro Business Card Reader iPhone App Review

Concept and Functionality:

The concept is basically sound here, but the functionality comes up a little bit short. This is often the pitfall of reader apps that require a lot of precision on the account of the user and the image-creator so to speak.

If the card is uniquely configured or has any text that is out of the ordinary, you’re likely to get an error. Now, sometimes the card-reader gets the info spot on, but if you’ve had to take more than one shot in order to get it right, you probably were better off entering the information yourself.

Overall Value:

I’m not positive that the pro-version of the app warrants a price-tag equivalent to some of the most comprehensive and in-depth apps on the market. (See Grand Theft Auto Vice City for a comparable price) but at the same time, you can’t argue with free for the Lite version.

The Lite version, which is free, is a steal and definitely comes in handy, while the Pro version may be necessary for those business-class users. In general this app has a great utility, and although it’s sensory capabilities could stand to be improved, the idea stands as an excellent one.

If you’ve got a stack of business cards around your desk and have been procrastinating on organizing them, then you would do well to pick up this app.

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SamCard QRSamCard Pro – Business Card Reader app Requires iOS 4.3 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. It is optimized for iPhone 5. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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