Piano Wizard Is a Viable Alternative to Private Music Lessons

TheiPhoneAppReview Report – It’s been proven time and again that music is an integral part of the learning process. Times are changing, and the days of expensive private lessons are rapidly giving way to new technological innovations such as software and apps. Many software developers are migrating desktop software to portable devices like tablets, making their program accessible anywhere at any time.

piano wizard ss1The creators of Piano Wizard Academy, an immensely successful and popular software program, are working hard to bring their proven music learning system to iPad and iPhone. The PC & Mac version has received countless positive reviews, even receiving a remarkable Gold Award from renowned review site TopTenReviews.com. According to TopTenReviews.com, “This exciting piano lesson software is great for teaching music theory to kids and giving them a solid foundation for further study as they grow older.”

It’s no wonder that the up-and-coming Piano Wizard app already has fans of music education patiently waiting on its release. Based on the demo videos released by the developers, Piano Wizard looks like a very promising app that aims to turn the learning process into a game. Both children and adults can learn while having fun, which makes the education process incredibly fun and easy.

piano wizard ss2According to the app’s Kickstarter page, Piano Wizard teaches youngsters and adults about music in a natural way that parallels learning a native language. It does this by teaching how to play a song, then teaching notation, and finally teaching music theory. How is this so similar to learning a language? First you learn how to speak, then how to read, and finally you learn about grammar.

Piano Wizard is currently in the final stages of development and is nearing the end of its Kickstarter campaign. As of September 10, the campaign was less than $2,000 short of its $20,000 goal. Three days later, the campaign has successfully reached its goal with a week to go.

It’s hard to ignore the enthusiasm shown by supporters of the project, and it’s clear that the developers of Piano Wizard are truly passionate about their music education program. This is definitely an app to watch, and I believe Piano Wizard will easily be a viable and effective alternative to expensive private lessons.


Written by Sarah Hanlon

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