How to Organize Your Apps in an iPhone

Business people must be extremely organized to accomplish their goals. They spend a lot of their day going to meetings, solving issues, being updated on projects and connecting with colleagues and clients. There’s always the possibility that they might miss something, but with the iPhone, they can now organize their apps to better help them ensure that nothing’s missed.


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The Daily Calendar
Your daily calendar should be the first app on your iPhone. For a business person, the calendar is essentially a mini diary where you can plan out meetings and events for the day, week, month or year. By using this app consistently, you can plan travel and important events while staying focused on the events of the current day. You can also quickly view your weekly calendar by turning your iPhone to the landscape mode. The calendar will instantly bring all items to your attention immediately.


Your Contacts
Next in line should be your contacts. “Contacts” on an iPhone is a lot more than a place to store numbers and names. It’s a place to save any important information you have, including IM addresses, anniversaries, websites and other important information. You can add notes and personal information on any contact. If you need to quickly send a message to a friend or business associate, just go to your Contacts app, find their email address, and with a simple tap, you can send them a message!


The Mail App
The next app you should have is your Mail app. The app for mail allows you to compose, send, read, reply and forward to any email address. The iPhone Mail app makes it a lot easier to watch your emails. You never have to stop your work to check your emails. The iPhone also allows Siri to compose and send emails for you. The Mail iPhone app works with almost any email provider including Microsoft Exchange, Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo! Mail and AOL.


The Reminders App
It’s important to have the reminders app on the front page of your iPhone. This app keeps reminding you of all the things you need to do and sends you an alert when something is due or coming up. Your reminders are set by using priorities, deadlines, locations or custom lists. This app is extremely customizeable, so remember that if you haven’t used it yet!


Any app on the Phone is meant to make things simple for you. For the business person, organizing your iPhone apps is useful to simplify your daily tasks. No longer will you miss meetings or important deadlines when you put information into your apps and allow it to remind you when events are coming up. The nice thing about the iPhone is that it allows people to run customized apps as well, and if they’re developed and organized in a proper manner, the apps will work just like the more common apps. This will help anyone leverage their performance in his or her business or personal life.




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