Topps KICK: The Premier Way to Join the Premier League


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KICK: The Exclusive Barclays Premier League Digital Football Trading Card Game
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Reviewed by Luke Patrick

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

If there’s one thing you need to know about us, it’s that we absolutely love some football. And no, we’re not talking about the American version whose fans number only in the millions. No, we’re talking about the global phenomenon that is footy.

Specifically, we’re talking today about the Barclay’s Premier League. Why? Because the official Topps trading card app KICK, from The Topps Company, Inc., is now available in the US App Store, and if you’re into fantasy football, trading cards, and staying up on the latest news, this is the ideal app for you.

We love it to bits, and if you’re looking for our full review, you’ll find it below. Starting with:

Concept and Functionality

The idea behind KICK is simple, and for some of us, will certainly reign in quite a bit of nostalgia. You’ll get to purchase booster packs, trade players, and collect all the MVPs just like you did as a kid. Or, if you’re still a kid, you now don’t have to trudge to the local hobby shop to spend your hedge trimming money.

The app gives you enough coins (in game currency) to get a full roster of 11 going, with a bit left over. At this point, you can either head to the shop to purchase a few booster packs, or you can simply start trading with others. We preferred the latter, and with a thriving member of players, you’ll easily find some good deals.

That’s not all the app provides, though. Here, you’ll also get a full-on fantasy football experience. Your players earn points when they play, which means if you put them in play, they’ll earn you points. If you wish, you can spend most of your time managing your fantasy team. It’s a lot of fun, and if that’s still not enough, you can also engage in some quality trivia.

Design and Graphics

KICK for iPhone

KICK for iPhone

With a company as widely respected as Topps at the wheel, we expected a real knock-out effort—and we were not disappointed!

The quality of the cards is just as you’d expect or better. Again, taking out the cardstock element is both neater and easier to manage. Likewise, the in-game trading system is a snap, the fantasy elements could not be simpler, and the entire aesthetic is so painfully easy that it’s a solid for all ages.

You honestly could dive as deep as you want into the statistics, or as shallow as you casually desire. It’s an entire world in our phones.

Overall Value

Best of all, the app won’t cost you a pound—er, . . . dollar—nor even a penny. It’s completely free, plus that in-game bonus we talked about. That means you’ll get ample opportunity to enjoy the app at no cost. If that’s not a recommendation, then we don’t know what is. But just to be safe, if you’re one of the millions upon millions who enjoys a goo Premier footy match, you’ll love KICK.

KICK for iPhoneTopps KICK requires iOS 5.1 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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