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Reviewed by Luke Patrick

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

If you’re new to our shores, let us be the first to tell you that we absolutely love any sort of iPhone or iPad application that has a particularly arcade focus. In other words, anything that lets us rack up some high scores, scrape together a few more points, and tear our hair out over a period of hours is absolutely ace with us.

With that in mind, today’s offering is called SurvivorMorads, and it carries an interesting—if a bit classic—idea. The execution could have been much better, but at its heart, there’s still a good game to be had here. If you’re looking for our full review, you’ll find it below!

Concept and Gameplay

The basic idea behind SurvivorMorads looks something like this: You’ll be protecting your alien-esque avatar, the Morad, from a menagerie of oncoming debris.

To do this, you’ll simply grab the controls at the bottom of the character’s feet, and then physically drag them around the levels. In doing so, you’ll avoid all sorts of explodable, non-explodable and otherwise impervious objects. Along the way, you’ll collect coins, multiplayers, and a few headaches.

The game also gives you three powerups to use at will. There are levels, though this is kind of arbitrary, and of course you’ll get all of that high score action that we so desperately love. But, it just starts to feel a bit unrewarding at times. There’s not a lot of advancement towards the higher levels, and it’s this that truly drives a game to be great. Think about titles in the same genre, even. The game is certainly not Geometry Wars, but it is still fun.

Design and Graphics

SurvivorMorads for iPhone

SurvivorMorads for iPhone

Sadly, we just can’t quite say the same for the game’s looks. It’s very sprite oriented, but with very few animations. For instance, whipping your character around the map yields no response whatsoever. This can be quite irritating, especially if you’re trying to get into the look and feel of the app. Furthermore, the animation effects are lacking, as are the object varieties. We’d like to see some truly crazy things flying at us, and from all angles. Instead, what we get is something more akin to zero gravity Tetris with the training wheels (and borders) taken off.

Overall Value

To sum it all up, SurvivorMorads is a decent game within a genre that we particularly like. It offers a good concept and a phenomenal start, but it is perhaps a few iterations away from being the absolute best that it can be. Still, it’s hardly a problem, what with the free price tag. You’ll suffer a few adverts for this, but the bargain is still on the cheap side. All in all, try it if you’re interested: We still recommend giving it a shot.

SurvivorMoradsSurvivorMorads requires iOS 4.3 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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