6 Cool Ipad Apps For Teachers

Technology has become an excellent tool for all kinds of educators. With the use of devices like the iPad, teachers have been able to revolutionize the way they can reach students both within and outside the classroom.

The apps mentioned here are just a few of the apps that are currently making teachers’ jobs a little bit easier.

While there might be plenty of others to choose from and benefit from using, perhaps these apps have given an indication of the aid an iPad can be within the classroom when you apply the right application behind your lesson.

With this in mind, there are always going to be some duds and some surefire successes – here are my favorite tools :)

Teacher’s Assistant Pro: Track Student Behavior ($7.99)

This app is ideal for tracking information about individual students within your class. It takes in data such as behavioral concerns, academic achievements and infractions to create a virtual file on each student for record keeping.

This will be ideal for parent teacher conferences, as it will be able to provide you with information on each student for the entire year to track a progression in better performance or a decline.

Free Books iPad App

Free Books iPad App

Free Books – 23,469 classics to go (free)

Education is often taught through the use of books. While these are often textbooks, it becomes the responsibility of the educator to provide secondary sources and literary references that support events and accounts of history and other such subjects.

Dipping into a steadily increasing library approaching 24,000 titles, educators are given an opportunity to find literary sources for just about anything they could be teaching about at a given time.

History: Maps of the World (free)

At its base level, this app provides a current accurate depiction of the globe complete with each geographical area and country. This can be offered in different formats depending on whether you are teaching about a country, or noting the kind of geographical conditions are present in different parts of the world.

If you delve deeper, the app can show these maps over time, including former countries and their boundaries. This can go so far as to show the shifting of the tectonic plates to present the world as we know it today.

Pages ($9.99)

This app allows teachers to create all of their necessary documents in one simple location. This can be spreadsheets, quizes, outlines, notes, and presentations for whatever the subject might be. These are easily sent to email via pdf or document files for simple printing.

Molecules iPad App

Molecules iPad App

Molecules (free)

This simple app is ideal for science teachers. It provides a 3D model of a molecule. This can allow your students to better understand what they are, and how they function.

You can move it around, focus in on its specific components with zoom in and our functionality, and create your own molecules with this application.

Keynote ($9.99)

This is an ideal tool for teachers who required to often give lectures. It provides the means to easily and quickly assemble lectures. It begins with one of twelve available templates that you choose from, and you begin filling it in with text, images, video, and a host of other things.

These files can be presented right from the iPad with the use of external displays, or you can email the file to a computer to display it over a projector.



Guest Author: Joseph Rodriguez writes about education. His recent work is about earning an masters in education online.


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