6 Best Money Management iPhone Apps for Small Businesses

For small business owners, efficiency spells the difference between a successful business person with a balanced work life, and the small business owner who feels overwhelmed with taking on every task. According to an AT&T small business technology poll, 66 percent of small business owners say that their business would be unable to survive without the use of wireless technologies like smartphones. Increase the efficiency of your small business by enhancing your operations with free money management iOS apps.




Contractors, DIY crafters and countless types of businesses use Paypal for payment. Customers shopping online can trust Paypal, as opposed to a random merchant account used for payment processing. The Paypal app lets you see your balance from your phone, send money to vendors and suppliers, and choose payment options. With the addition of a small audio jack card reader, you can also accept credit cards through Paypal. Use the Paypal app while working conventions, festivals, and other locations where it’s not feasible to bring a point of sale system.


BillTracker helps with major issues, such as paying your vendor invoices, keeping up with business location overhead, and making payproll. BillTracker makes it explicitly clear when you owe on a bill or invoice, when it’s due, and how much you owe on it. Pending bills are shown on a calendar. You can also receive notifications about your pending bills so you are well aware when something is due, keeping your vendors happy.


LearnVest is an extensive financial management app that is ideal for successful budgeting. You can link all of your accounts and categorize expenses on the fly. Transactions not picked up automatically by the software, such as cash transactions, may be entered in manually. The visual graphs show you clearly where your money is going, your projected income for the rest of the month, and estimates on your expenses. This helps eliminate the pressure of handling the accounting if your company isn’t big enough yet to have an accountant or bookkeeper.



E*Trade Mobile

With E*Trade Mobile, you can freely track your stock performance with real time quotes and financial news. Use E*Trade Mobile to scan barcodes and find out what stock the manufacturer is associated with. It also supports remote check deposit, stock plan transactions, and voice recognition. Even if you don’t use stock trading as a way to invest your business profits to grow your wealth, you can track how well your preferred vendors and competition are doing in the stock market. If a stock drops rapidly, the vendor could possibly have major issues or be ready to start selling off large amounts of stock.


The Mint app tracks a small business’s bills and income, provides easy ways to budget business expenses within various categories, and lets you input new expenses or income items. Business accounts, such as vendor invoices, AMEX business credit card bills, and bank accounts, are accessible on the same screen. Set goals or track debt payments to have a good idea of how well you’re meeting business goals. Detailed graphs and data output are also useful for creating profit and loss statements.


Are you having trouble tracking your expense reports and every business expenditure? Expensify is designed to simplify your record keeping so you’ll never have to guess how much you can claim. The four major sections in Expensify include SmartScan, Expense, Time, and Mileage. You can scan in receipts and input expenses manually.


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