Top Rated Games Reviewed in June

We get to look at quite a few apps over the course of a month and we thought it would be helpful to point you to June’s top rated games for the iphone and ipad. These apps stand out from the crowd and deliver exceptional value, gameplay and user experience, as determined by our staff of experienced and passionate app reviewers (click the app names to see our full reviews).

Here they are in alphabetical order:

DaVinci 2 – Test Your Knowledge to the Max in DaVinci 2: Renaissance

DaVinci 2: Renaissance, developed by Planemo Studio, is a new game for iPhone and iPad. Can you unlock the secrets of the time period by solving tricky riddles?

My Diamonds – My Diamonds is an Incredibly Addicting Puzzle Game for iPhone and iPad

Play and Learn with Wallace

Play and Learn with Wallace

Challenging puzzle games are a blast for the whole family to play. My Diamonds, developed by Bad Monkee, is an incredibly addicting puzzle game for iPad and iPhone. If one thing is for certain, it’s that you’ll have a hard time putting your device down after playing this game!

Play and Learn with Wallace – Play and Learn with Wallace: a Must-Have App for Youngsters

Play and Learn with Wallace, developed by HPHLP, is a brand-new educational app for iPhone and iPad that’s aimed toward preschoolers and other young learners.

Rule the Kingdom – Rule the Kingdom HD: it’s Good to be King (or Queen)!

Rule the Kingdom HD, developed by Game Insight, LLC, is an immensely popular RPG for iPad and iPhone. With 4.5 stars in the App Store and over 10,000 ratings, this is definitely a game that’s well-liked in the community.

Tag & Flag – Turn Photography into a Scavenger Hunt with Tag & Flag

Tag & Flag, developed by Mohammad Alothman, is a brand-new way to turn photography into a fun and exciting game. After all, who doesn’t love a great scavenger hunt?

Takuzu – Challenge Your Mind with Takuzu

Takuzu by RCI-JEUX is a number-based puzzle game app. Featuring a concept similar to that of the popular number’s game Sudoku, Takuzu is actually a game original to this app. Featuring 50 free games to get players started, Takuzu is certain to provide entertainment to anyone who enjoys challenging puzzle games.

Total Domination - Reborn

Total Domination – Reborn

Throw with Joe – Throw With Joe: An Addictive Game with a Purpose

Throw With Joe combines engaging gameplay, a fun package, and a (very, very) worthy cause, and it’s put out by Joint Juice in conjunction with American football legend Joe Montana. The app raises awareness for arthritis (both juvenile and elderly) while also providing us with hours of addictive gameplay.

Total Domination – Reborn – Build an Empire from the Ashes in Total Domination – Reborn

Total Domination – Reborn, developed by Plarium, is a brand-new MMORTS game that will have you immersed in a deep storyline of interstellar struggle. Whether you’re a passive player or an aggressive warmonger, every player will definitely enjoy this awesome game.

Trivia Fight – Trivia Fight: Taking (the Trivia) to the Streets

Trivia Fight, from Blue Screen Media ApS, is perhaps one of the best ways we’ve seen yet to flex your mental muscles. The game offers the turn-based action we love in a mobile game, and comes chockfull of more than enough trivia to keep us coming back forever.

Ultimate Stick Fight – Show the Bad Guys Who’s Boss in Ultimate Stick Fight

Ultimate Stick Fight, developed by Dragon Nest Studio, is an action-packed hack and slash game for iPhone. Do you have what it takes to save your city from evil chaos?

WeeWaa RockOn – Get Your Groove On in WeeWaa RockOn

WeeWaa RockOn, developed by UI Digital, is an incredibly fun game for iPad and iPhone. Can you help your WeeWaa defend its village from angry Groompas? For the sake of all that’s cute, I sure hope so!

White Logos – Challenge Your Memory with White Logos

White Logos, an app by Mattia Confalonieri, challenges iOS users to successfully color in the logos of famous brands. Featuring logos from many different nations and companies, White Logos challenges consumers to remember the usual appearance of these color-blank brand identities.

White Soccer – White Soccer is a Great Trivia Game for Sports Fans

Calling all sports buffs! Do you have extensive knowledge of your favorite teams? Are you a stat junkie? Maybe you’ve never missed a game. Well, none of that stuff will help you with this particular game. Unless, of course, you have an eye for detail. White Soccer, developed by Mattia Confalonieri, is a new app that every soccer fan will love. Get ready to get your jersey knowledge on!


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