Talking Rabbit Toddler ABC Song offers Cutesy Fun


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Talking Rabbit Toddler ABC Song
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Reviewed by Philip Chan

Reviewed by Philip Chan

Ever wanted a big ole’ talking rabbit to help teach your kids the alphabet and counting numbers? Now you can with Talking Rabbit Toddler ABC Song. Stick around as we take a look at this interesting and cute app from developer Cloudburst Games.


Talking Rabbit Toddler ABC Song allows your toddler to learn the ABCs, 123s, and more, all through interacting with a big, pink rabbit. Tap the rabbit to hear it talk and do cute animations on screen. Tap the stars, or the carrots, for more animation fun. Then, tap the ABCs or 123s buttons to hear it start reciting these useful sets for toddler.

You’ll have to buy an IAP to remove the ads, which we think is a must for a toddler’s app, and add some animations. The app works great, and while it feels like there should be a few more options and animations, what it does have is pretty solid. There is also a load of other languages (Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, etc) included and they sound great too!

Graphical Layout:

To put it simply, Talking Rabbit Toddler ABC Song looks fantastic on iOS! The rabbit is sharp and well-designed, with excellent animations and fun sounds. The layout is simple to navigate, sure to help toddlers use it with ease. Finally, the background vector art looks fabulous! Very nicely designed graphics overall in Talking Rabbit.


Talking Rabbit Toddler ABC Song iPhone App Review

Talking Rabbit Toddler ABC Song iPhone App Review

Talking Rabbit ABC Song offers some fun pickings on iOS. Toddlers will definitely get a kick out of it. We really like the way it approaches educating toddlers in areas like counting, eating healthily, identifying body parts, and of course, their ABC’s. It’s an almost passive educational experience that we think will work well with toddlers. However, I’m not sure about how long it will last in their hands, short attention spans and all. You have the ability to add three more animations with an IAP, but nonetheless we have to say the app is so much fun we can’t help but wish the base price included more. But don’t get us wrong, we enjoyed Talking Rabbit Toddler ABC Song.

There is fun content and cute animations with the ability to get more for just another buck, not really too bad. It’s neighbor app, Talking Duke Dog, does a great job of offering these freebies-perhaps Talking Rabbit will go the same route in a future update. Still, it’s a great app for some simple fun and education for toddlers.

We think you and your toddler will enjoy this one, an app like Talking Rabbit Toddler ABC Song doesn’t come along everyday.

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