Drive Assist: The Perfect App for All Navigational Needs


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Drive Assist
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Reviewed by Marilyn Chau

Reviewed by Marilyn Chau

Drive Assist by Eugene Shvedov is an app designed to function as a universal navigational system for all iOS devices. Featuring a beautifully designed interface, Drive Assist promises to be the perfect app for combining all of your driving navigational needs.


Drive Assist features the ability for iOS users to forego a need for just about any other driving or navigationally-related apps. Specifically speaking, Drive Assist includes a speedometer, trip computer, navigation system (GPS coordinates, Google maps, compass, and current traffic jams displays), and a music player. However, the speedometer of Drive Assist does more than just displaying current speeds; instead, it also informs users through virtual and audio warnings if they’re speeding, keeps track of both daily and total mileage, and records average speeds during a trip.

The trip computer of Drive Assist, on the other hand, displays pertinent information regarding weather forecasts, travel durations, altitude dynamics, and speed statistics. For iOS users who enjoy playing their own tunes during road trips, the Drive Assist music player provides easy access to their entire music collections.

Personally, I found the features of Drive Assist to be as comprehensive as they are boasted to be; although my vehicle obviously keeps track of information like speed and mileage, it was nice that Drive Assist displayed this information (and more) in its compact home screen.

Drive Assist iPhone App Review

Drive Assist iPhone App Review

Appearance and Layout:

The designers of Drive Assist definitely have put together an impressively smooth interface for an app of its type. Even though Drive Assist features a good deal of information at any given time, the layout is always clean enough that users can simply glance at the screen and quickly find exactly the value/information that they are looking for.

The ratio of “map to other” (maps vs other information displayed through the app) is appropriate, and I experienced little to no lag when using the maps in Drive Assist to guide me to my final destination. Drive Assist is basically an excellent example of a perfect combination of information and practical aesthetics.


At $2.99, Drive Assist is more expensive than many other iOS navigationally-focused apps. However, the slick interface and incredible ease of use for this app arguably make it well worth its price.

The graphics of Drive Assist are certainly impressive, and the many features of the app really do make it possible to combine virtually all driving-related needs into one open app at a time.

drive assist qrDrive Assist iPhone app requires iOS 5.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. The iPhone App Review’s rating:

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  2. celio says:

    I would say $2.99 is not so expensive at all. Functionality and usability is king.

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