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Dragon Bane Elite [Free MMORPG]
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Reviewed by Luke Patrick

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

We don’t get to talk about it much, mostly because the genre itself is a bit scarce on the iOS platform, but we absolutely adore the MMORPG. In fact, we’ve spent far too many hours of our lives whittling away the time in them. This is why we’re always excited to see a new entry into the field on the iPhone or iPad, like today’s contender, Dragon Bane Elite from com.digitalcloud. The game offers us a unique pastiche of ideas, concepts and materials, culminating in a title that isn’t perfect, but is perhaps nearly so for the devices at hand. If you’re looking for our full review, you’ll find it tucked away below!

Concept and Gameplay

If you’re like us, there’s one gigantic monkey you think about when someone mentions a massively multiplayer online roleplaying game—Yes, we’re talking about World of Warcraft. It comes up as a comparison with most of these games, and Dragon Bane Elite is no different.

It’s obvious that the art direction bears a lot of influence from the seminal title. However, the gameplay itself is refreshingly unique. For instance, you’ll not find real-time 3D combat happening here. Instead, you’ll face off against opponents in your party, taking turns to whack away at the enemy. There’s still a lot of formation based strategy here, though, which means it’s more edge-of-your-seat than hands-off-completely.

You’ll be doing typical MMO things within Dragon Bane Elite. Typically, this means collecting quests, completing them, and then turning in the rewards to gain experience and goodies. As you level up, you’ll increase your stats, gain prestige, and generally learn to kick more and more arse. Of course, you can also team up with friends and random players to conquer instances—a curiosity in Dragon Bane Elite, instances control most of the action, rather than letting you roam free.

Design and Graphics

Dragon Bane Elite

Dragon Bane Elite

Overall, it’s a fun mix, though certainly a diversion from the desktop environment. Then again, we’re not complaining. The gameplay is tight, and the strategy here in droves. You can think as much or as little as you like here, and we appreciate that. The game’s graphics can be interesting at times, providing us with an hybrid of both three dimensional and two dimensional environments. Still, it’s hardly slipshod: A word we might apply to some of the menus, though.

In fact, this duplicity is a sort of mantle within the game. For instance, we liked how easy it is to find and pursue quests. We didn’t like the need for in-app purchase, which quickly add up if kept unchecked.

Overall Value

All in all, we feel we can summarize Dragon Bane Elite like this: It looks good, it plays well, and though it’s perhaps not the smoothest egg in the bunch, it’s still one of the better MMORPGs we’ve yet seen on the iPad and iPhone. It’s also free to play initially, though you’ll quickly want to spend real money to expand the gameplay. All of this means Dragon Bane Elite gets a four star rating from us, as well as our tentative recommendation.

Dragon Bane EliteDragon Bane Elite requires iOS 4.3 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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