Build an Empire from the Ashes in Total Domination – Reborn


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Total Domination – Reborn
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Reviewed by Sarah Hanlon

Reviewed by Sarah Hanlon

Massively multiplayer online real time strategy games are fun to play even if you’re not a big strategy guru. Usually the community built around a MMO game is so strong that there will be players there to help you at every turn.

Total Domination – Reborn, developed by Plarium, is a brand-new MMORTS game that will have you immersed in a deep storyline of interstellar struggle. Whether you’re a passive player or an aggressive warmonger, every player will definitely enjoy this awesome game.

Concept and Gameplay: 

Whether you want to be a leader, researcher, or play another role, Total Domination – Reborn definitely has something for everyone. Plus it’s very easy to play even on the iPhone’s relatively small screen. In order to fill your role as the commander of forces in an all-out war, you need to strategically balance offense with defense in order to build a strong empire from essentially nothing. With a bit of patience and determination, you’ll be destroying enemy forces in no time.

When you open Total Domination – Reborn for the first time, you’ll be taken through a lengthy interactive tutorial that will show you the basics of the game in a relatively short time. From there, the game becomes yours and you alone are in control of how you want to play. If you’re a peaceful gamer, you can build research facilities and other base necessities. Aggressive players can join a clan and plan all-out raids on enemies in hopes of wiping them out completely.

As you play Total Domination – Reborn, you’re likely to form alliances with other players. The game makes it extremely easy to stay in contact with them via options like in-game mail. This way you’ll never miss out on a coordinated attack or other event that’s taking place. You can even opt for push notifications so you can really stay in the loop.

Total Domination: Reborn iPhone App Review

Total Domination – Reborn iPhone App Review


While complex raids and battles with the enemy are likely to yield important upgrades in your weaponry, you can also trade with other Total Domination – Reborn players for goods. This is great because trading is a feature that many iOS MMO games seem to leave out. Personally I believe trading builds a stronger game community and encourages players to pay more attention to the items they have so they know their true value.

Also, you can choose to login with your Facebook account to receive a bonus. If you don’t want to to this route, your Game Center username will represent you. Lastly, Total Domination – Reborn is universally compatible with both iPhone and iPad so you can enjoy the game no matter which device you’re using.


Total Domination – Reborn is available to download for free in the App Store with the usual in-app purchase options. The game isn’t filled with annoying ads or other nuisances you need to pay to remove, which is wonderful. If you’re searching for a great new strategy game to master with players all around the world, Total Domination – Reborn is certainly worth trying!

total_domination_reborn.jpgTotal Domination – Reborn is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 5.1 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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