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Reviewed by Luke Patrick

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

Over the years, we’ve had more than enough opportunity to peruse that most sacred of fun-type applications for the iPhone: That is, the novelty photo application. However, rarely have we seen an entry into the genre that fine-toes the line between true artistic value and real fun quite as well as Levitagram, from LOCQL, Inc. The app offers a unique way to add some magic to the photos you add to your photo gallery, and using only your fingers in conjunction with simple tools. If that sounds like a good time out, then peruse our full review just below, beyond the break.

Concept and Functionality

If you couldn’t tell by the name of the application, Levitagram begins by letting you do one thing with your iPhone’s photos. It allows you to snap two pictures, layer them on top of one another, and then edit them in such a way that it appears as if a person, object or objects are balanced in mid-air. Pretty nifty, huh? Here’s how it’s done:

More or less the app gives you the option to pick a photo to appear on top. Once that’s finished, you can then erase portions of it to reveal what’s below. If you do this right (by taking two nearly identical photos, for instance) you can erase portions from the primary image to show only background beneath. With pinch-to-zoom functionality included, you have all the free range in the world to get closer, and then hit those fine lines with a vengeance.

It’s smooth stuff, but the real kicker is in the creativity. Sure, the app lets you create levitating objects. However, it also allows you to create simple greenscreen-like effects, missing portion pieces, etc. The sky’s the limit!

Design and Interface

Levitagram for iPhone

Levitagram for iPhone

A boon for Levitagram is the fact that, besides offering beautiful functionality, it also happens to offer a beautiful interface. Sure, it’s derivative of other applications that came before—most notably the app in the style of which Levitagram has chosen its name—but with these kinds of photo editing novelty items, it’s a fair heap better than the average. The app will also lead you through the process, making it incredibly efficacious. Combined with sharing to your favorite social medias, it’s a tight bundle with great packaging.

Overall Value

The only downside to Levitagram, in fact, is its price. Typically, for these kinds of titles we like to seem them sitting right in the one dollar sweet spot. Sadly, Levitagram is just outside of that bubble. That being said, the app is still a great value. It comes with a lot of potential, and with the right creative individual behind the wheel, it may just be the best new addition to your Instagram or Facebook feed.

LevitagramLevitagram requires iOS 3.2 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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