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Levitagram: The Only Novelty Photo App You Need

Tweet  Price: $1.99 Rating: Levitagram iPhone App Review by Over the years, we’ve had more than enough opportunity to peruse that most sacred of fun-type applications for the iPhone: That is, the novelty photo application. However, rarely have we seen an entry into the genre that fine-toes the line between true artistic value and […]


EasyCharts: Need Help With a Graph? Not Anymore!

Tweet  Price: $0.99 Rating: EasyCharts iPhone App Review by If you’re like us, you spend a whole lot of your time trying to come up with new ways to visualize information, typically for a boardroom setting. However, this can become very, very complicated very quickly if you’re dealing with large data, lots of subsets, […]


Easily Keep Your Spending in Check with My Budgeter

Tweet  Price: Free Rating: My Budgeter iPhone App Review by Whether you’re a young kid in school, a recent college graduate, or seasoned adult, you can never be too careful about how much you spend. You work hard for the money you earn, and you should work even harder to keep it from burning […]