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Smashing Egg Tido !: Written iPhone App Review

Reviewed by Michael Naber

Smashing Egg Tido is an app from the folks at GlowNight. The point of the game is to help Tido survive the attacks from the chefs. The game is mainly targeted towards to children and teen audiences, but adults can play it too. Smashing Egg Tido comes with a unique form of gameplay and graphics that make the game very appealing. I’ll go into this below, but the thing to takeaway from this is that Tido is a great game for all ages that the entire family can enjoy.


The  The different powerups are Mama Chicken, Teleporter Tube, Protection shield, Grenade Smash, Bird Attack, Blast Cannon, and Nuclear Smash. Each powerup has a specific bonus or power that you can use. The developers of Smashing Egg Tido are also very active in supporting the game, and have recently released Version 1.2.0. As the developers make more improvements, the game should get even better.

Smashing Egg Tido ! – iPhone App Review

Smashing Egg Tido ! - iPhone App Review


The design of the game is very well thought out. The gameplay itself is smooth and intuitive, and the design enhances that even more. The design is also laid out in a manner that is easy to understand, so if you ever get confused about what you’re doing in the game, help or instructions are only a tap away. The game has a cartoonish aspect to it that should make it appealing to children and young teenagers. Tido is also a cute and fuzzy character, and he is the central focus of the game. The game is completely family friendly, and has received an average 4.5 Stars with nearly 500 reviews and ratings on iTunes. The iPhone game is currently ranked in the top 250 action games, and should continue to be there for some time.

Overall Value

Overall I would really recommend Smashing Egg Tido to anyone. It’s completely family friendly and can be a blast for everyone. It has the potential to be a top contender on the App Store, and should get to that position as the developers pump out more updates. The game has an excellent level of polish that makes it on par with other family games such as Cut The Rope. I look forward to seeing this game on the charts in the future, and I would recommend downloading it.

Smashing Egg Tido !


Smashing Egg Tido ! – iPhone app requires iOS 5.0 or later and is compatible with iPad. This app is optimized for iPhone 5. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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