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Scribble My VeggieTales Story Free: Written iPad App Review

Reviewed by Michael Naber

Scribble My VeggieTales Story Free, from Fingerprint, is an app for the iPad. The point of the app is to promote creativity in children and lets them write and draw books. As many of our loyal readers are parents looking for interesting apps to share with their kids, this app is a complete family and kid appropriate app. A common worrying factor for a lot of parents is In-App Purchases. The most expensive In-App Purchase that can be bought is $2.99. So rest assured that you won’t be getting a $1000 iTunes bill because your kid accidentally overspent on some In-App Purchases.

A quick tip for parents: In-App Purchases can be turned off from the device settings. Other than that, the app is really designed for kids, and is aligned with the popular brand VeggieTales. Everything within the app is designed to enhance creativity on an amazing device such as an iPad. I’ll go into the design later. But the main idea you should get is that it’s free, suitable for all ages, and can be a great educational tool.


The features of Scribble My VeggieTales Story are actually impressive. The iPad application includes a storyline, digital coloring book, a blank book, and auto-share functions. One of the genius parts of this app is the books. Your child can write or draw a book right on the iPad. Then sending it to yourself is only a few taps away. This is one of the main focuses of the app, and has the potential to really bring out the creativity in children.

Another great feature of the app is the Family Play Circle. This let’s you track your child’s progress and creativity skills within the app. It’s also set up to be useful to track other children under the same account if multiple children are sharing an iPad. The app comes with complete analysis of your kid including minutes played, graphical learning reports, etc. One last benefit is that the app is COPPA compliant, so your personal information will be very well protected.

Scribble My VeggieTales Story Free


The design of Scribble My VeggieTales Story Free is clearly built for kids. Everything from the backgrounds, to the buttons, to the entire layout is custom designed for children. The inviting design and interface makes the app an excellent place to foster creativity within a child. As I mentioned above, the purpose of the app is to let your child create a custom book.

Overall Value

Overall, the app provides some drawing tools that can help to create thoughtful and cute drawings so I would really recommend this app to anyone that has kids and has an iPad.

Scribble My VeggieTales Story Free


Scribble My VeggieTales Free – iPhone app requires iOS 5.1 or later and is compatible with iPad. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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