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Readr: Written iPad App Review

Reviewed by Michael Naber

Reviewed by Michael Naber

Readr is an app for the iPad from Pixel Mags. The point of Readr is to provide you with a variety of magazines for you to read right from your iPad. You can think of it as Netflix for magazines in the sense that via its innovative AnyTime service you can have instant access to hundreds of magazines. I would highly recommend checking out this app if you have an iPad. You get a few days of free usage of the app, then you must pay if you want to keep utilizing the app. It’s a decent app, and if you’re a magazine junkie, it might be just the app for you.


The features of Readr are pretty cool. First, you get 7 free days of their AnyTime service. Once that runs out, you can enjoy the AnyTime service for 20 minutes a month unless you spend $9.99 to get AnyTime unlimited. AnyTime gives you access to hundreds of magazines for free (unless you buy unlimited). You can do this, or you can purchase single copies of magazines you want. So Readr gives you flexibility in choosing your magazine needs, and presents a Netflix-like style for you to view magazines on the iPad.

Readr iPad App Review

Readr iPad App Review


The design of Readr is clean and looks great on the iPad. The interface and design looks great. It’s clean, crisp, and in retina. Navigation throughout the app is extremely easy, and downloadable magazines are only a few taps away. It’s very difficult to get lost on the app, and viewing magazines is a breeze. The color themes, backgrounds, and buttons match to give you an excellent interface that is pleasing to the eye. So kick back, relax, take out your iPad, and start enjoying some of the magazines Readr has to offer.

Overall Value

Overall Readr, along with its AnyTime service, is an excellent value. Some iTunes users report the app being a little buggy, but the developers are looking into it and should deliver some updates. The design of the app is great, and the content that the application provides is amazing. The Netflix-like service can fill your life with magazines indefinitely without making you overpay for something you love to do. In total it has great content, a great design, and great features. I would recommend this to anyone with an iPad that loves to read magazines.




Readr – is compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 5.0 or later. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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