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Ora: Written iPhone App Review

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Reviewed by Sarah Hanlon

Whether looking for assistance from the Divine or simply reaching out for positive thoughts, prayer can be a very important tool in our spiritual lives. If you’ve ever wanted to be a part of a spiritual community, this is the perfect app for you.

Ora, developed by ORA NET LLC, is a unique social networking app that focuses on the power of prayer and positive thoughts by bringing people together.

Concept and Functionality:

While most of us associate prayer with church and God, Ora shines through by being an app for people of all religions and beliefs. After all, prayer can be defined as communion with the Divine as well as sending and receiving positive thoughts and energy. Ora seeks to bring people together to pray for one another by creating a deep social network of friends and others in similar situations.

One of the things I like the most about Ora is the fact that the app is very simple to set up an easy to use. You can choose to connect Ora with Facebook or create an individual account. Either way, the goal is to connect with as many people as possible. Once you’ve added a few friends, you can easily see their prayer requests on a handy social timeline. To pray for someone, simply slide the “Pray” button across the prayer request. You can choose to slide while saying a prayer, slide and pray, or simply slide to send positive thoughts and energy.

It’s also extremely easy to create your own prayer requests. All you have to do is specify who and/or what you would like people to pray for, choose the circle you’d like to share your prayer request with, and submit it. You can easily track any prayers you’ve received, and also comments that others have left for you.


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Reviewed by Sarah Hanlon

As I mentioned before, Ora is a social networking app at heart. For example, prayer circles help bring together those with the same needs or situations. This helps users become part of the special network which is great for personal and social support. As I mentioned before, specific prayer requests can be shared with specific circles.

Also, you can see the number of prayers a request has received by noting the number of hearts it has. You can also see the number of comments people have left, but I believe comments are visible only to the request creator. Personally I really like this, as it allows others to share thoughts privately.

Ora even allows you to create a prayer list which helps you keep track of people you’ve prayed for. There’s even a “Faithful” section where you can place answered prayers. Lastly, the “News” tab tracks circle and prayer updates, as well as any invitations you’ve received.


Ora is free to download from the App Store and is an “as is” app, meaning you don’t have to worry about purchasing additional features or disabling ads. If you believe in the power of prayer and positive thoughts, I definitely recommend becoming a part of the Ora community.

ora.jpgOra is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Requires iOS 6.0 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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