I Spy With Lola HD FREE – Take Your Kids on a Cool Adventure!


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I Spy With Lola HD FREE: Written iPad App Review

Reviewed by Michael Naber

Reviewed by Michael Naber

I Spy With Lola HD FREE is a game for the iPad. The point of the game is to give your children an age-appropriate iPad app for them to interact with. The game has a unique storyline that will delight your child as he/she explores the app and bears the fruit of the educational benefits that the game has to offer. I Spy With Lola has a number of great features, cute graphics, and an excellent storyline. I’ll go into all of this more later. The iPad app is free, looks great on the iPad, and can be a great way to enhance technological interaction and creativity in your child.


The features of I Spy With Lola are quite extensive and interesting. In the game you can find dozens of unique objects by swiping and moving the view with your finger. The game also has very high-quality graphics and even animations too. The application also comes with verbal instructions that are easy for your child to understand.

Another feature is that the application is available in six different languages. This allows for multi-lingual learning, and can even be a gateway for your child’s future foreign language study. The last main feature is that there are no in-app purchases. This will be a relief for parents who worry that their kids with spend tens or hundreds of dollars on virtual goods or upgrades.

I Spy With Lola HD FREE

I Spy With Lola HD FREE


The graphics in the game are actually surprisingly good. The characters are cute and the graphics really pop out. The backgrounds, objects, and menus are designed perfectly for children. Navigation throughout the app is a breeze and it’s a simple app to use. Most children should be able to understand the flow and layout within a few minutes of playing with the app.

Overall Value

Overall I Spy With Lola has the potential to be a great education app for kids. It has cute and cartoonish graphics, and is easy for kids to use. The game has a number of features that makes the game even more enriching for your child. It’s easy to use and navigate, and has educational themes integrated.

I would highly recommend checking out the app on the iPad App Store. It’s definitely worth downloading for your child. Help them prepare for tomorrow with the integration of technology and learning. In total, it’s an excellent app.


 I Spy With Lola HD FREE – iPad app requires iOS 4.3 or later.

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