Top Ten Children’s Apps for the Summer: Keeping the Kids Entertained Has Never Been Easier

It’s the summer time, and your kids are finally out of school! Now, we know they’re pumped to be free—and we’re sure you’re quite excited to be spending a little more time with them. But that doesn’t mean some small part of your brain isn’t concerned. After all, what exactly are you going to do to keep the little ones entertained while they’re at home for three months?

If you’re in exactly this situation, or even just need to take your children on a long car ride, we have an entire list of ten superb ways to quell boredom. And using nothing but your iPhone or iPad, too! Yes, if you need some quick ideas on how to keep your children engaged, then look no further then our excellent roundup below.

Our Top Ten Children’s iPhone Apps for the Summer begins with:

1. Learn the States – $1.99

Taking a road trip this summer? Why not capitalize on the opportunity by helping your children learn their United States geography! A quick and simple way to do so is through Learn the States. This fun little app will cost you all of two bucks, and will doubtlessly enhance your kids’ ability to remember the states, spot them on a map, and even retain trivia information about each location. It’s fun stuff, and it comes cheap!

2. Topple – Free



When you stop to break it down, Topple really is one of the best options out there as far as keeping your children entertained. It’s a sort of Tetris in reverse application, offering a block stacking concept that has the munchkins seeing exactly how high they can go. The graphics are cute, too, and the free pricetag means the application won’t be hurting your wallet. Though, it will certainly be saving you some headaches! Trust on this one, Topple is a real winner.

3. The Opposites – $2.99

Wanna teach your child about antonyms and enhance their pattern recognition skills? How about teaching them an important lesson on sibling rivalry? If any of that sounds like a good idea, then cruise on down to The Opposites. This three dollar app will do both and more, and arrives with a lot of cartoony pizazz for the dollar spent.

4. SparkleFish – Free

Looking to make your child laugh? Do they enjoy MadLibs? If so, then go ahead and snag this free application for both the iPhone and iPad. It offers a similar experience to the classic road trip boredom killer, only instead of writing in your answers with a pencil, you get to speak them and have the iPhone record the results. It’s great fun, and of course, it’s completely free!

5. Math Doodles – $2.99

Is your child more visually creative then they are studious when it comes to their mathematics? Do you wish there were an iPad application out there that made it slightly easier for your child to learn, and at their own pace with their own style? How about Math Doodles! The app’s easy combination of visuals and numbers allows almost anyone to learn, regardless of what strengths or weaknesses they have.

6. Flight Control – $0.99

Flight Control

Now, this one might appeal more to the slightly older variety of niño, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a solid entry on the list! For a dollar your child can enjoy one of the foremost classics on the iOS platform. The app has been with us since almost the invention of the iPhone, and its classic airplane direction gameplay just doesn’t get old. This is the sort of app that will keep your child occupied for vast stretches of time in a go. This makes it ideal for long car rides, and it will appeal greatly to the sort of child who likes a challenge.

7. Professor Wordington’s Spellatorium – $2.99

No matter how you slice it, learning to spell sucks: Heck, even we still have trouble with certain words. However, if you want your child to succeed academically, you need to hammer down these skills now. With that in mind, use Professor Wordington’s Spellatorium to creatively and engagingly enhance their ability to learn. The game comes loaded with fun RPG mechanics and fun graphics, as well as a cheap pricetag.

8. Pandora – Free



This one may not seem like an obvious choice at first, but stick with us: When you get down to it, there’s just nothing quite as entertaining to a child as music. We’ve seen babies transfixed by the radio. With that in mind, why not give your child the gift of music for that road trip to see the grandparents? You can easily do so with Pandora radio, which offers a completely free way for your child to explore as much music as they can possibly stand. Sounds like a pretty sweet, cheap deal to us!

9. Bobo Explores Light – $4.99

The most expensive app on our list, Bobo Explores Light is also easily one of the most rewarding. This iPad application is ideal for those science-minded children. It walks the learner through every possible aspect of the visible light spectrum, as well as the invisible spectrum. From photosynthesis all the way up to your own ocular glands, this app covers the bases and then some.

10. Sushi Monster – Free

Sushi Monster

Sushi Monster

This app, though it is yet another addition to the free side of this roundup, is perhaps one of our favorites on the list. Sushi Monster is putout by Scholastic, which absolutely guarantees quality. With that in mind, it offers up a deliciously crafted sushi-meets-math educational experience that’s simply phenomenal. The app has your children adding, subtracting and multiplying sushi dishes together to feed hunger (very well-drawn) beasties. It’s a great concept, it’s completely free, and it comes with a ton of educational value. All in all, this makes the app a winner in our book, as well as one of the best options on here.


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