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Meeting+ Effective Meetings Manager: Written iPad App Review

Reviewed by Philip Chan

Fresh from developer App Potential is the meeting planner, Meeting+ Effective Meetings Manager. This paid app offers the ability to streamline your professional meetings, allowing you to save time and increase productivity. Check it out on iTunes and read our full review below!


Meetings+ is basically a comprehensive tool for business meetings. It allows you to plan the next meeting from start to finish, along with helpful  follow up  afterwards. With each meeting, you get a template where you can customize all the details. Here, you’ll put in the name of the project/meeting, group info, objective(s), location, start time of meeting, instructions, and even if refreshments will be served.

Each template can be customized and saved to be used as you see fit. You can browse through your set of saved templates to choose just the right one for the next meeting, or make a new one. As the meeting progresses, you can add feedback in the form of ‘notes’ under each listed participant. The app even works with the calendar feature, allowing you to get reminders and other helpful ways to keep track of what is happening next on your schedule. Meeting + also has included a very powerful linkage and document tools, where you can pull items from the ‘net or even from your own Dropbox.

I really appreciated the inclusion of these options, especially with the plethora of Dropbox users at my company. Audio files can be loaded through such tools as well. There is even an auto email feature, where updates from each meeting will be sent out to the users. Finally, rounding out the Meetings+ features is the Reports section, where you can set your output to email or even print (if you have networked linked printers to iOS device). Export to PDF is also an nice option for such reports. Overall, Meetings+ is absolutely jam packed with features. Also included are some nice “Action” tools that can help you control the next meeting with ease. Meetings+ features plenty of depth for users wanting a comprehensive meeting planner app on the iPad.

Graphical Layout:

Meeting+ Effective Meetings Manager App Review

Meetings+ is, unfortunately, not the prettiest app. However, it’s certainly not ugly either-it does look fairly decent on the iPad screen. Rather, it’s just somewhat plain-colors and buttons aren’t exactly eye catching or jumping off the page at you. However, perhaps that is a good thing for Meetings+ as there are few distractions. This app is all about business and it gets down to right away, slick graphics or not. Visual effects aside, Meetings+ does have a fairly intuitive layout and really helps allow for great meeting planning.

Finally, I do have to commend the developer: Meetings+ is a pretty detailed app and can be a little intimidating to new users. However, they have included a thorough user guide in the app. It’ll take some time to read through and fully get the hang of Meetings+ but it will be time well spent. To get an even better idea of the layout, design, and functions in Meetings+ Effective Meetings Mananger, please click your way over to everyone’s favorite video hosting website, YouTube, and check out their polished app presentation: link.


Meetings+ is an impressive app. Sure, not everyone will see the need for a $7.99 app just to plan, organize, and track their meeting(s). However, for those that recognize the value in keeping such things together, Meetings+ will be a true winner. The developer has packed Meetings+ with helpful features and aims to help you stop wasting time at meetings. Make the most of your next meeting, take the advantage, and seize control with Meetings+ Effective Meetings Manager for the iOS today!

Meeting+ Effective Meetings Manager iPhone app requires iOS 5.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad devices. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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