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MAI Crafted: Written iPhone App Review
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Reviewed by Marilyn Chau

MAI Crafted by Imagine Ink is an iOS app designed to give player’s creative building desires a platform to bloom. MAI Crafted features a wide selection of building tools/blocks from which players can create their own 3D worlds; the amazing variety in the building materials of this game really leaves the limit up to the individual player’s imagination. Players of MAI Crafted can choose to enjoy “free play” options to just build anything they want or to take on some of the app’s set missions.


MAI Crafted features three different play options: Free play, missions, or zombies. During each option players work to create/build their world to the best of their creative abilities; building materials range in color and type and can be easily switched between during the game, and interacting with the in-app animals is also a possibility. Each playing option in MAI Crafted is pretty much the way its name suggests. For example, while choosing the “free play” option gives you free reign to do whatever you want in the app, the “missions” option gives you one of the 30 in-app missions to complete, giving you a purpose/end-goal to your building endeavors. The “zombies” option, on the other hand, features three different levels of building a way for you to survive against zombie attacks. Music plays in the background of MAI Crafted (although this feature can be turned off if desired), and saving games is an option in this app as well. However, while I found the concept of MAI Crafted to be exciting, I found that playing the app would sometimes be pretty frustrating because it would randomly crash on occasion. Additionally, MAI Crafted seemed to be somewhat laggy for an app of its type, despite operating in the suggesting iOS system. Because of these operational issues, the “features” of MAI Crafted don’t currently justify a full “five stars” rating.

MAI iPhone App Review

Appearance and Layout:

I found both the general appearance and layout of MAI Crafted to be up to standards for an app of its type. Navigating through MAI was easy enough on the first time I tried playing it; controls for the game are fairly easy to pick up with no additional explanations necessary. Customizing settings is quick and simple, and if you want to disable any in-app purchase options, then this can be easily done as well. The graphics of MAI Crafted aren’t exceptional, but they are more than adequate and definitely fit perfectly with a block-based building app. In fact, the block-pixel style of MAI Crafted can even be further amplified if desired through choosing the “low quality graphics” option.


MAI Crafted currently costs $0.99 through the iTunes store. This price covers all of the basic features of MAI Crafted, although players are given the option of making select in-app purchases of items like additional coins if desired. Despite the occasional crashes that I experienced while playing MAI Crafted, I feel like this is an app mostly deserving of its price; it’s fun to play and provides enough different building options that anyone interested in apps of its kind should be able to count on it to provide hours of entertainment—provided it doesn’t crash in the middle of a game.

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MAI Crafted iPhone app requires iOS 5.1 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. A small expedite fee was provided to speed up the publication of this review.

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