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Lunch Track: Written iPhone App Review

Reviewed by Marilyn Chau

Lunch Track by Massive Square is touted to be an app perfect for anyone who loves grabbing a bite to eat from local lunch trucks. Designed for both consumers and food truck owners alike, Lunch Track promises to provide an easy way for hungry customers to find their favorite lunch trucks and for lunch truck owners to keep their fans informed of their current location.


Lunch Track is a fun app created to get you on the right track for your lunch break. In other words, this app provides iOS users with an easy way to locate all of their favorite food trucks’ current locations through just a few quick searches. Lunch Track simply allows the app to search for the presence of any nearby food trucks; users can then “star” their favorite trucks, and searching for trucks by food genre is also an option. Alternatively, this app can be used by the other end of the gourmet-on-the-go-industry—namely, food truck operators. Food truck operators can create Lunch Track accounts to keep their fans updated on their current location at all times; this can be done for free. A “premium” Lunch Track membership, on the other hand, costs a bit but also gives food truck operators the option of doing much more to promote their cuisine—from providing direct links to Facebook pages to adding photos to featuring banners with coupons or other promotions.

Lunch Track iPhone App Review

Appearance and Layout:

Massive Square did a great job with the graphics for this app. While the practical part of Lunch Track features fairly basic graphics (maps for the location of trucks, lists of popular food trucks, options to select your favorite trucks, etc.), the intro screen for Lunch Track is above and beyond what is expected for an app of its type. Specifically, the darling cartoon characters in this intro screen are perfect for cheering up anyone who has had a long morning at work and is excited to be finally getting to take a lunch break. Additionally, the layout of Lunch Track works great for an app with its purpose; it’s beautifully easy to navigate. Provided that your city actually has an impressive number of food trucks, Lunch Track easily leads you to the location of popular gourmet food trucks for diners on the go.


Lunch Track is a free iOS app, and for anyone who regularly loves to grab grub from food trucks, Lunch Track is well worth its space on your chosen iOS device. It is a well designed app that is fast and easy to use, and since it provides an organized way to locate multiple food trucks, it should be a great way to quickly find a place to snatch a bit to eat. Of course, for anyone in an area where food trucks aren’t very prevalent, this app simply won’t be relevant.

Lunch Track iPhone app requires iOS 5.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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