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George: Who’s That Handsome So-And-So?

Tweet  Price: $1.99 Rating: George: Written iPhone App Review We’d like to start off today’s review of George by developer James Pellizzi with a simple question: Are you a corporate professional of any nature? If so, then like us, you’re typically inundated with about half a dozen (or more) corporate photos every day. You know […]


NVS Wargame – Ninja vs Samurai: Awesome Tactical Battles on iOS!

Tweet  Price: Free Rating: NVS Wargame – Ninja vs Samurai: Written iPad App Review NVS Wargame – Ninja vs Samurai is a free app from developer SoulGame. Based out of China, and featuring game designers from some of the top gaming companies, including Konami and Zynga, SoulGame’s latest app looks to be a  winner! Why am […]