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Test Your Skills with TouchMii

Tweet  Price: $0.99 Rating: TouchMii: Written iPhone App Review TouchMii is an app developed by Distad that is full of many mini games. TouchMii players are directed to guide Richmii and his fellow critter friends successfully through the challenges presented in each course of the games. Features: Instead of being like most iOS games that […]


PicPong: A New Way to Style Photos

Tweet  Price: Free Rating: PicPong: Written iPhone App Review PicPong is described by its developer,┬áRaven-App, as an augmented reality photo application. The point of PicPong is to help you improve and style your photos. The app comes with a variety of features that are really powerful and helpful in modifying your photos. One of the […]


Clock Weather News: One of the Best Multi-Purpose Apps Available

Tweet  Price: Free Rating: Clock Weather News: Written iPhone App Review The days of simple clocks are long gone. From fictional clocks that can force you out of bed to apps that have similar goals in mind, it’s tough to find a well-designed app that tries to serve multiple purposes. Usually these apps focus on […]