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Send an Alert To Family/Friends With MyAlarMap

Tweet  Price: Free Rating: MyAlarMap: Written iPhone App Review MyAlarMap is an application available VenICT. The point of MyAlarMap is to provide a way to request help in an emergency situation. Of course, it is always recommended to call 911 or your local emergency hotline first, but this is a second option. The app’s primary […]


Storybook Maker: The Single Best Creative Tool for Your Children

Tweet  Price: $3.99 Rating: Storybook Maker: Written iPhone App Review Every now and again, we happen to come across an app that we simply cannot rate high enough. We don’t like to hide this during a review, which is why we’re going to go ahead ands say it: Storybook Maker by developer Merge Mobile is […]


Love Your Lunch with Lunch Track

Tweet  Price: Free Rating: Lunch Track: Written iPhone App Review Lunch Track by Massive Square is touted to be an app perfect for anyone who loves grabbing a bite to eat from local lunch trucks. Designed for both consumers and food truck owners alike, Lunch Track promises to provide an easy way for hungry customers […]