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Beat Girl Game is an Amazing Music Experience for iPhone

Tweet  Price: $0.99 Rating: Beat Girl Game: Written iPhone Game Review It’s not terribly unusual to find apps and games that are based off of something bigger (such as a book or movie). Sometimes they’re great, sometimes not so much. Once in awhile a great one comes along, and it envelopes you in the story […]


Mahjong Ace is a Great Game for Beginners and Pros Alike

Tweet  Price: Free Rating: Mahjong Ace: Written iPhone Game Review Traditional board games are always fun to play on portable devices. Whenever I’m tired of playing popular games, I’ll try digital versions of classic games I never learned how to play. Mahjong Ace, developed by Aliaksei Taranau, is perfect for those who are looking to […]


Swift Shopper: The New Way to Get the Groceries

Tweet  Price: Free Rating: Swift Shopper: Written & Video iPhone App Review Here at The iPhone App Review, we are all about new concepts, inventive ideas, and concepts that will theoretically alter the way we go through life—especially if those innovations use our favorite mobile device. With that in mind, we’re quite stoked to be […]