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George: Who’s That Handsome So-And-So?

Tweet  Price: $1.99 Rating: George: Written iPhone App Review We’d like to start off today’s review of George by developer James Pellizzi with a simple question: Are you a corporate professional of any nature? If so, then like us, you’re typically inundated with about half a dozen (or more) corporate photos every day. You know […]


NVS Wargame – Ninja vs Samurai: Awesome Tactical Battles on iOS!

Tweet  Price: Free Rating: NVS Wargame – Ninja vs Samurai: Written iPad App Review NVS Wargame – Ninja vs Samurai is a free app from developer SoulGame. Based out of China, and featuring game designers from some of the top gaming companies, including Konami and Zynga, SoulGame’s latest app looks to be a  winner! Why am […]


Master the Slopes and Race Against Time in SNOWGRE

Tweet  Price: Free Rating: SNOWGRE: Written iPhone Game Review Sometimes the only thing you’re looking for in a game is a fun way to pass time. Personally I love games that are time-based because they force me to play well under pressure. SNOWGRE, developed by Gabriel Hohener, is a fun and unique spin-off of Tiny Wings that’s sure to […]


Business Card Scanner – Contact Snapper: Contacts Made Simpler Than Ever

Tweet  Price: Free Rating: Business Card Scanner – Contact Snapper: Written iPhone App Review When we’re not busy writing iPhone app reviews, we like to moonlight as graphic designers. This means a lot of things, but in this instance, it primarily means we wind up with a lot of business cards as we network with […]


Yomaney: Get a Tighter Hold on Your Finances

Tweet  Price: $1.99 Rating: Yomaney: Written iPhone App Review Over the years, we’ve used a wide number of different expense tracking applications to make sure we’re on top of our money. Some have been good, and some have been quite terrible. However, occasionally we find an app that completely revitalizes the way we budget. With […]


Turn Photography into a Worldwide Game with FoTask

Tweet  Price: Free Rating: FoTask: Written iPhone App Review Nowadays it seems like technology and social media are all about sharing. However, cat photos, memes, and a snapshot of what you had for desert can get very old very fast. Luckily there’s a brand-new app that should be a game changer for those who like […]

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