U R The Event Manager: Sneak Peak Into the Life of an Event Manager


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U R The Event Manager: Written iPad App Review

Reviewed by Michael Naber

U R The Event Manager is an application from Vicki Garlick for iPhones and iPads. The point of U R The Event Manager is to help you plan events. If you’re not an event manager, the app put’s you in the shoes of one. The app offers as close to a real experience of being an event manager as it gets. U R The Event Manager offers an experience unlike any other, and can be a good tool both for those doing the job or just considering becoming event managers.


The features of this app are pretty cool. For one, the app is absolutely packed with checklist, tips, recommendations, and extra functionality to make it a very useful tool. To start, the content of the app is great. Not only does U R The Manager break down the roles of each member of the event committee, but it has customized tips to help them along the way. The app also contains a massive list of task that must be completed before starting the event. The list of tasks is probably the most valuable feature of the app too. U R The Manager comes with a bunch of tips that are fitted into the tasks to improve efficiency and effectiveness. The application covers everything from incident reporting to waste management. Each task usually has a paragraph or more about what should be done concerning the task.

U R The Event Manager iPad App Review


The design isn’t exactly what you would consider beautiful, but it does have a certain ease-of-use to it. While there are no extravagant buttons or backgrounds, the app relies on the basic iOS user interface library for it’s design. The bottom line is that the app gets the job done and is simple to use and navigate, and that is key.

Overall Value

Overall U R The Event Manager is a great application for anyone that is interested in becoming an event manager, or already is one. It provides a peak into the daily life and coordination behind planning and managing events. If you’re an existing event manager, the app can only help you be more organized. It has most of the responsibilities of event mangers and some integrated functionality to make it even more useful.

While U R The Manager doesn’t have a great design, it looks ok and is easy to use. When you’re busy planning events, you probably want something that is really easy to use, and this app does that. If you have even a remote interest, I would recommend checking U R The Event Manager out on the iPad.

U R The Event Manager


U R The Event Manager is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 5.0 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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