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Price: $1.99
The Tiny Bang Story: Written iPhone App Review

Reviewed by Marilyn Chau

The Tiny Bang Story is a beautifully illustrated puzzle game app designed by Colibri Games. Completely free of text, this app is meant to be equally appealing for consumers of all languages. Currently The Tiny Bang Story is sold for $0.99 through the iTunes store, but the regular price for this app is $1.99.


The Tiny Bang Story is a puzzle game app that requires players to solve each chapter of the story in order to help put the Tiny Planet world back together again. Arrows first direct players how to push certain buttons or grab pieces and little bits of hardware that are needed to put the world together again, but after this initial “instructional” period, players are left on their own to solve the rest of the puzzles. Charming music plays in the background of this indie app, and beautiful graphics entice players to keep attempting to solve each chapter while pursuing the overall goal of solving the entire game.

However, while I loved the flow of the game, the graphics, and the charming music, I found that actually trying to play The Tiny Bang Story was extremely frustrating. Specifically, touching my iPhone screen to do the various actions needed to solve each chapter of the puzzle didn’t always result in the desired action actually occurring; most of the time the app did not respond to my touch screen controls. Since The Tiny Bang Story is completely dependent upon such controls, this issue with a lack of the app’s responsiveness was a huge downside to the app for me. Perhaps The Tiny Bang Story might be better if played on an iPad because of the iPad’s larger screen, but at the time of this review I am unable to state if this suggestion would really make a difference or not.

The Tiny Bang Story iPhone App Review

Appearance and Layout:

As far as the appearance and layout of this app is concerned, there really is nothing to complain about. The Tiny Bang Story features some of the most beautiful graphics in a puzzle game app that I’ve seen recently, and while there really is no layout portion for the game explaining how to play it, this lack of textual instruction really serves to ad to the mystery appeal of The Tiny Bang Story. I loved the flow between screens of the game, as selecting certain options brings players to various parts of each featured chapter. Again, The Tiny Bang Story is positively beautifully illustrated, and graphic design lovers will not be disappointed in this aspect of the game.


The Tiny Bang Story is a beautifully illustrated app, but the problems with the touch screen controls really made the app too frustrating to justify its price. Any frustration from playing a puzzle game should come from an inability to solve the puzzle—not from difficulty in getting the game to follow your commands. Overall, while some may consider the graphics of The Tiny Bang Story to more than make up for its technical difficulties, the majority of iOS users will probably find that these frustrations ruin an otherwise perfectly beautiful game.

The Tiny Bang Story iPhone app requires iOS 4.3 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

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