Tease UR Brain Pro HD: So You Think You Know, Huh?


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Tease UR Brain Pro HD: Written & Video iPad App Review
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Reviewed by Luke Patrick

If you’ve been following us here at the blog long, then you’re likely aware of one important fact about us: We freaking love puzzle games. We like anything that presents a challenge, which is why we’re absolutely stoked to be bringing you a full review of Tease UR Brain Pro HD today from Patron Technosoft India Private Limited. The app presents us with a fresh and unique set of brain challenges, all of which will contort your gray matter in the most delightful ways. Want our full review? For that, you need only to slide on down below the break! Starting with:

Concept and Gameplay

We like puzzle games a lot, however, we do get tired of seeing the same genres repeated over and over. Thankfully, this is just not the case with Tease UR Brain Pro HD. It’s of the slightly more rare than most so-you-think-you’re-smart genre. That is to say, it poses you with questions, most of which seem rather simple. However, after answering it wrong a few times, you’ll very quickly figure out that it is anything but.

For instance, the app might present you with a math equation that at first glance, looks stupid easy. However, you’ll type in the obvious choice, only to discover there’s something deeper involved. This is where the fun of the game comes from. With each and every level, of which there are dozens upon dozens, you’ll need to decipher the scenario, decide how to solve it, and hopefully do all of this quickly enough to beat the ever descending IQ meter at the top. This is the real challenge of the title: How quickly can you prove you’re not an idiot, and how not-idiotic are you really? Trust us, it’s a fair bit harder than you might think.

Tease UR Brain Pro HD iPad App Review

Graphics and Layout

We like the game’s concept a lot, and overall the puzzles are rather ingeniously engineered, too. They’re challenging, not immediately obvious, and take some finagling. However, we did run across certain puzzles that simply don’t seem solvable without a nudge. To this end, the game allows you to “cheat’ by spending in-game currency for hints. We appreciate this, but we’d also like to feel as if each puzzle is fully solvable on our own. Then again, we can’t complain about volume: Tease UR Brain HD is available as both a free and paid (Pro) version for the iPad, as well as non-HD versions available for-free and for-pay (Pro) on the iPhone.

Overall Value

And at the end of the day, we can easily swing this one as a tremendous value. For very little money, you’ll get a phenomenal amount of content, as well as a supreme number of headaches—that’s a good thing. The graphics aren’t the greatest, but the controls are simple, the puzzles fun, and the hours easily passed with Tease UR Brain Pro HD in-hand. Plus, a very nice feature that will surely get your competitive juices flowing is that the Facebook Rank and the Universal rank of the top 100 players appear in the app itself. All in all, that makes it a fairly simple recommendation from us.

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Tease UR Brain Pro HD


Tease UR Brain Pro HD requires iOS 3.2 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review, as well as a video production fee.

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