St. Patrick’s Day Top Ten iPhone Apps

It’s slowly approaching, that big green day that we’ve all been waiting on. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the one day out of the year that you get to pretend you’re at least slightly Irish is very nearly upon us, and if you don’t have plans on the docket, now is the time to slap those together.

Not sure what to do on that special day? Not feeling Irish enough to celebrate? Just not sure how to go about the whole conundrum in general? No matter what the excuse, we’re ready to help out. And all using the incredible device that is your iPhone! So without further ado, skip on down below the break to view our St. Patrick’s Day Top Ten iPhone Apps. We’ll be covering all the bases, starting with:

1. DrinkFit – $1.99

Sure, you’ll be out on the town come this week-end, enjoying the celebrations and hamming it up like a true Irishman. But what if you want to be health conscious at the same time? If so, then this two dollar gem is the way to go, providing easy access to nutritional facts on just about every drink known to man. Trust us on that: We’ve been pleasantly shocked and surprised before.

2. Urban Daddy – Free

What if you’re having a bit of a failure to launch, though? What we mean is this: What if you’re so clueless that you’re not even sure where to go for a good time out? If so, then Urban Daddy has your back. Just tell it what you’re in for, where you’d like to be, and who you’re with. The app will do the rest, serving you up one freshly cooked and planned evening.

3. Flavorpill – Free



Admittedly, though, Urban Daddy is a bit . . . hammish, we’ll say. That’s not necessarily a bad thing for an Irish evening out, but what if you want to get a bit more cultural? If so, you’re not out of luck. Flavorpill is a fantastic and ever improving social platform that helps you find those cultural and artistic events happening nearest you that are worth attending. It really does work, and when used correctly, can lead you to some spectacularly good evenings out. We know this one from experience.

4. BeerCloud – Free



It’s fine we spilled the beans here—We’re actually Irish. This means St. Patty’s is one of our favorite holidays, but it also means that we’re quite fond of the good old pint. With that in mind, we absolutely adore what BeerCloud offers. The app helps you find your favorite brews near you, as well as assists you in the creation of new food combinations to get things rolling. Not sure what to eat, or where to get a good Guinness? BeerCloud has your back, and completely for free on your iPhone.

5. Byki Irish – $7.99

Byki Irish

Byki Irish

Now that we’ve blown our cover culturally, it’s time we busted out the big guns—so to speak. If you’re looking to truly dive into the culture and roots of the event, then why not learn a bit of the Old Tongue? Go ahead, it won’t hurt! For eight dollars flat you can obtain and enjoy Byki Irish. It’ll teach you a full bevy of useful phrases and words, all of which will not only help you out on the big day, they’ll also make you smarter in general.

6. Happy Hours – Free

Still not sure where to go to do some serious drinking on the big day? Looking for a good deal when you do find a place to go? If so, then go ahead and snag this free gem off the App Store. The app helps you locate nearby Happy Hour deals, and in our experience, it’s usually dead-on for a good time out with the dollar in mind. And if you only use it for the one night, you’ll still have saved quite a pretty penny.

7. St. Patrick’s Day Live – $1.99

Wanna see the big St. Patty’s Day parade in New York? Don’t have the time to sit at home and do it on your own tele? Then you might as well snag this deliciously cheap iPhone app for the two bucks that it costs. It’ll stream the parade for all your viewing pleasure, and within the safe confines of your iPhone, too.

8. Limericks – $0.99

Oh, that most ancient of Irish art forms! The limerick. Need a good couple hundred to tide you over during the holiday? If so, this self-titled application will only cost you a dollar, and will provide you with more options than you ever thought possible. Sounds like a bargain to us!

9. FourSquare – Free

If you’re not using the now ubiquitous social check-in app FourSquare, you really aught to consider it. Why? Because it’s free, fun, and helps you meet a whole lot of new people and see new things. Furthermore, if you check-in on special days like St. Patrick’s Day, you’ll get bonuses and new badges! Now isn’t that worth considering, laddy?

10. Easy Excuses – Free

Easy Excuses

Easy Excuses

Are you a terrible liar? Do you still not want to go in to work the next day, especially after a successful night out partying thanks to our app suggestions? If so, here’s one more title that will help you make it through. It’s called Easy Excuses, and it gives you just that. Tell it the situation, ask for a solution, and it’ll serve up a piping hot example of how to weasel your way out of work. Works every time!

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  1. Paul Steven says:

    And here is one for preschoolers. Explore and Learn Shapes is an educational app featuring Lucky the Leprechaun and a lively Irish sound track.

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