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Robi: Cosmic Savior: Written iPad Game Review

Reviewed by Sarah Hanlon

Recent global events (like the Russian meteorite) have served as a not so gentle reminder that we are but an innocent little planet floating around in a very dangerous universe. Even though the technology that would allow us to deflect harmful space debris away from Earth is pretty far off, that doesn’t mean such a concept wouldn’t make for an extremely fun game.

Robi: Cosmic Savior, developed by GramGames, is a brand-new casual endurance game for iPad and iPhone. Will your lightning fast reflexes be able to save your tiny little planet?

Concept and Gameplay:

As someone who loves a great game of skill, I’m always up for a challenge. Robi: Cosmic Savior promises to deliver an action-packed gaming experience. With impressive graphics, great sound effects, and a solid physics engine, this is definitely one game that’s difficult to put down.

Taking the form of Robi, an alien whose planet is caught in the middle of the galaxy with a disrupted gravitational balance. As various kinds of meteors fly toward your planet, it’s your duty to protect it with everything you’ve got. Using your handy-dandy gravitational gun and world-class reflexes, you must fling these rocks of ill intent away from your planet. If asteroids crash into each other, they’re destroyed and valuable resources are left behind. You need to send your sidekick out to collect these resources.

With a little bit of intergalactic trickery, you can even orbit meteors around your planet as an extra line of defense. As time progresses, the number of meteors drastically increases. Personally I felt like Robi: Cosmic Savior became more of a stress test and less of an endurance game. However, I do like a challenge every now and then, so this definitely wasn’t a big deal.


Reviewed by Sarah Hanlon

Along with neat tactics like being able to create your own orbital meteor shield, Robi: Cosmic Savior is packed with features to make the game a little more survivable. For example, there are boosts like planetary shields and meteor seeking rockets. One time boosts are purchased with resources that are gathered from destroying asteroids.

Also, challenging missions help to keep Robi: Cosmic Savior fresh and exciting. Each mission consists of three objectives you must complete. Missions can be skipped in the “Research” area of the main menu, but this will also cost you resources. You can also discover and collect ancient space artifacts.

Lastly, you can connect Robi: Cosmic Savior with Facebook to challenge friends. You can even earn rewards together, making the game even more fun. Besides, what’s better than defending a planet together?


Robi: Cosmic Savior is free to download from the App Store and it’s designed for both iPad and iPhone. There are several in-app purchases you can make, from buying resource packs to unlocking double resource mining and allowing your sidekick to automatically collect resources. If you’re looking for an amazing new game that offers endless hours of challenging playtime, you definitely won’t be disappointed!

Robi: Cosmic Savior is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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