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Price: $3.99
Pocket Buraco: Written iPhone App Review

Reviewed by Marilyn Chau

Pocket Buraco by Nuova Eureka s.r.l. brings iOS users a fun, easy way to play Buraco any time they want. Pocket Buraco gives players the option of playing against Al, the computer system that is the Buraco competitor in the app. [Note: While the official name of this app is “Pocket Buraco,” the official app graphics state that this app is called “Pocket Burraco.”]


Pocket Buraco basically features an easy way to enjoy playing the popular card game buraco while on the go. Players of this app can choose to play with two or four players, and the competing computer program, Al, is promised to provide a fierce opponent. Of course, there are also three different levels of buraco featured—easy, medium, and hard, so first time players don’t have to pit themselves against an extremely difficult opponent if they don’t wish to. Fun music plays in the background of Pocket Buraco, and cheers erupt if you are indeed the winner of a round. A score board is also among the features of Pocket Buraco, and an instructional part of the app is provided to teach first time players how to play this popular card game as well.

Pocket Buraco iPhone App Review

Appearance and Layout:

Pocket Buraco is a beautifully designed app and should please even the pickiest buraco players. The home screen of the app is logically laid out, with options directing players to play the game, learn about the app, or learn about how to play buraco. As such, Pocket Buraco can easily be enjoyed by even first-time buraco players. The cards displayed in this iOS game are also equally impressive; the cards are small enough so that a good number of runs can appear on the screen at the same time, and yet they are clearly detailed enough so that they really do look like real playing cards. There didn’t seem to be any lag in going between different screens of Pocket Buraco, and I appreciated the overall logical layout of the app as well. While the graphics for Pocket Buraco certainly aren’t overwhelmingly impressive, they are still definitely more than ample. For instance, the choice of the playing table features for this app’s graphics are minimally stated yet well done.


At $3.99, Pocket Buraco definitely is a relatively expensive iOS game app, and it will mostly appeal to consumers who already enjoy playing Buraco immensely. For the majority of iOS users, however, Pocket Buraco probably won’t be seen as worth its high price tag; these other iOS users will probably find it just as enjoyable to find other, less expensive iOS versions of their favorite card games.

Pocket Buraco iPhone app requires iOS 4.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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