MyPhotoCube: So You Want Grids With Your Photos?


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MyPhotoCube: Written iPhone App Review

MyPhotoCube for iPhone

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

The iPhone is a great tool for creating and sharing images, and there are new ways to do just that everyday. Here at the iPhone App Review we love apps that give creative ways to do it, and that’s why we are ecstatic to review MyPhotoCube by Scale Advisors!

MyPhotoCube is a great way to create and share 3D photo cubes with anyone over email and Bluetooth. If you’re ready to see our full review of this great creative app, slide on down the page and check it out!

Concept and Functionality [Rating : 4/5]

MyPhotoCube’s function is creating 3D photo cubes that you can share by email or over Bluetooth. This allows MyPhotoCube cubes to be received by anyone — It is universal! The interface for creating and customizing cubes is intuitive and very easy to get at first look. Images can be pulled from your photo library and any albums within it. The one thing we would like to see would be the option to take a photo and add it to a cube. Even without this option, MyPhotoCube is a very solid app.

As stated before, cubes can be shared by email or over a bluetooth connection, which is one feature that we love. It makes it very easy to share cubes with anyone.

Another great feature of this app is the customizability of the cube itself. You can choose the speed that the 3D cube rotates and how long it pauses on each photo on the cube. This makes the photo cubes into interesting and interactive visual pieces.

Design and Graphics [Rating: 4/5]

MyPhotoCube for iPhone

MyPhotoCube for iPhone

MyPhotoCube is a good looking app. The rotating cube, and the pictures placed on the sides look great. Instructions are easy to find for the app and there is no confusion about any part of it. One minor complaint we had was that we noticed some pixelization around some text which seemed incongruous to the rest of the sleek app. MyPhotoCube is definitely fun and easy to use, and not a sore on the eyes either.

Overall Value [Rating: 4/5]

At $0.99, this app is an obvious buy. The ease with which this app can be used and it’s capabilities make it well worth the buck. Competitors can’t match the features in this app, not with such a low price along with it.

All in all, if you’re looking for a great creative way to share photos, MyPhotoCube is the perfect addition to your app collection.



MyPhotoCuberequires iOS 5.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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