Message Spy: Catching Those Things That Go Bump in the Night


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Message Spy: Written iPhone App Review

Message Spy for iPhone

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

Here at The iPhone App Review our iPhones are important to us, and something we can’t stand is the suspicion that someone else may be accessing them! That’s why we’re happy to review Message Spy by Eigo App Studio. Message Spy allows you to confirm any suspected activity by others, sound an alarm when they use it, and even snap a photo of them. Ready to see our whole review of this lockdown wonder app? Then slide on down below the break!

Concept and Functionality

Message Spy is great for confirming whether someone is trying to access your phone unbeknownst to you. Its ingenious concept allows you to make the screen look like your home screen, but when anyone taps it, it can alert them, or keep a record of the activity for you. There are many different settings to customize the way that taps will be recorded through Message Spy.

The greatest function of Message Spy is the snapshot. Many competitor’s apps will merely sound an alarm if accessed by another person, but Message Spy’s snapshot capability makes this a few steps ahead of the rest! If used, the front-facing camera on the phone will snap a photo of the perpetrator accessing your phone, and can even display a message to them! The app is a great way to keep track of who is trying to get at your things.

However, it’s important to note that the app is not a classic security application. It will actively capture those who are trying to access your data, but it does not include any complex encryption methods, strict locks, etc. What it does do, though, is create a convenient, quick and effective way to track how your phone is being used when you’re not around.

Design and Graphics [Rating: 4/5]

Message Spy for iPhone

Message Spy for iPhone

Overall, the designs and graphics are solid. Some text is small and hard to read, but this is hardly a glaring error. The instructions for the app are easily accessible at all times making this an app that is easy to grok for anyone. The buttons are easy to engage, and  clearly labeled so it is intuitive what you are doing. This app is really a nice thing to look at, and fun to use.

Overall Value [Rating: 5/5]

Message Spy is a very useful app for anyone who suspects that someone else is looking through your phone. At $0.99, the peace of mind and value of this app is definitely worth it! So, if you want to know who’s trying to spy on your phone, get Message Spy and your suspicions can be proven or put to rest. All in all, the app is an easy and solid recommendation from us here at the iPhone App Review.

Message SpyMessage Spy requires iOS5.1 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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  1. Aidan says:

    What about an app for online message snooping? Since I read about this on I’ve been looking for ways to detect access to iphones through the net.

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