Loader: a Test of Patience, Precision, and Skill


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Loader: Written and Video iPhone Game Review
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Reviewed by Sarah Hanlon

Once in a while, a new game comes along that lives up to the quote, “Don’t judge a game by its App Store description.” These games are usually much harder than they initially seem, and the latest of these wolves in sheep’s clothing will have you dripping sweat by the third level.

Loader, developed by Vladimir Kolomiets, is a new game that will definitely satisfy those who thrive under pressure. Do you have what it takes to run a successful water factory?

Concept and Gameplay:

Let’s pretend for a minute that you live on a remote island. A huge earthquake triggers a massive volcanic eruption, which obliterates factories that produce necessary items (such as water). Instead of sitting back and watching your fellow residents flee the island, you decide to build your own water factory. Thus, Loader was born!

If you guessed that the object of the game is to somehow distribute water, you’re absolutely correct. Using a balanced combination of skill, patience, and practice, it’s your job to move boxes of water off of conveyor belts and into the matching receptacle. Naturally this sounds like an easy task, but I can tell you that this is probably one of the most difficult games I’ve played.

For one, it’s extremely easy for the conveyor belt(s) in Loader to become congested. As you rush to fling boxes off of them, it’s very easy to drop them and lose points. Each level has a minimum number of successful drops you must make in order to pass it, adding to the pressure. Plus, levels become more difficult by adding different combinations of conveyor belts to the mix.


Reviewed by Sarah Hanlon

Loader looks simple, but such is definitely not the case. Don’t let the charming music or sharp graphics fool you. Actually, you’d be better off muting the sound and playing screaming death metal on your stereo just to try and keep up with the game.

Other than a great background story and being one of the toughest games I’ve played, Loader is a little thin on features. There are only nine levels to complete, which disappointed me a bit. It’s definitely not something that can’t be changed in future updates, though. I’d also love to see Game Center integration and/or achievements mainly because Loader will make you earn them.

Another suggestion I’d like to make is the addition of multiple difficulty settings. It would be very easy for a new player like myself to become discouraged after the first level, so being able to reduce conveyor congestion would definitely help.


You can download Loader from the App Store for $0.99. Even though it’s a game that will definitely challenge you, I feel like it’s lacking a few features which would make it truly worth the price. A few more levels and multiple difficulty settings would make Loader a stellar game to play. Lastly, Loader is universally compatible with both iPhone and iPad, which is always a plus!

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Loader is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Requires iOS 5.1 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review, as well as a video production fee.

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