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Friendliners: Written iPhone App Review

Reviewed by Michael Naber

Friendliners is an application available for the iPhone and iPod Touch from Sobaka Developments AB. The point of the application is to write a story and then have someone else add to it. The app is based on the game where you write a few sentences, and then your friend adds to it. Eventually you have a creative story thought up by two or more people. Friendliners has a lot of potential and should see success in the future.


The features of Friendliners are pretty cool. For one, there is integration with social networks. This adds some sociability to the application. There is also three modes of story settings. This provides some flexibility if you want to end the story on a specific date or after a number of iterations. The app also sends notifications when it’s your turn to write, so you are always kept up to date.

There are also a variety of benefits associated with Friendliners. The most prominent one is that it is a creativity booster. Since writing is an essential component of your mind, having fun while writing is key. Friendliners also provides a provides a portal for educational and entertaining interaction between friends. The app makes it fun to use your brain, the same way that Words With Friends challenges your mind.

Friendliners iPhone App Review


The design of Friendliners is above average. The application is optimized for the iPhone 5, which makes it great if you have that device. The layout is also decently well thought out, so it’s easy to navigate around the app. Posting a story, or reading stories is only a tap away. The stories are also categorized which let you pick a genre that you really like. The colors also match, which gives the app the theme of reading a book.

One of the issues faced by the app is that it lacks a lot of content. Hopefully more people will start reading and posting reviews, but for now there really isn’t a lot of posting going on. Friendliners has a lot of potential, but there needs to be more users and stories before it becomes a hit.

Overall Value

Overall the app is pretty good. Hopefully more people will start posting stories, but in the meantime it looks rather empty. The positive is that it is well designed, and optimized for the iPhone 5. The app also has some good features that make it more valuable to use. In total, the app looks promising but they need more users and the developers need to make a few tweaks to the app. Note that the developer has a limited time offer which gives a user 20 free credits (normally 3 free credits). Offer ends 31 March.



Friendliners is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 5.0 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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