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Flying Princess Free: Written iPhone App Review

Reviewed by Marilyn Chau

Flying Princess Free by Aleph Games is a fun, free iOS game that requires players to use their knowledge of physics to help a princess in her quest for true love. Featuring a style of play similar to the once-popular free web game “Bloons,” this app will certainly please players who like indie games with charming story lines.


Flying Princess Free features a charming princess who is trying to marry a king in another kingdom. However, before she can marry the love of her life, she first must collect coins that are scattered throughout her own world. Players in this indie app are given the task of helping the princess collect these coins; coins are collected by aiming a canon at them and successfully shooting them down. Obstacles in each level force players to use their knowledge of physics (particularly of falling objects and of angles) to successfully collect the coins. Each level of Flying Princess Free is unique, and the background/details of the levels and obstacles change along with the chapters of this storyline game app. However, the basic concept of each level is the same—shoot down the coins to help the princess become the bride she wants to be.

Flying Princess Free iPhone App Review

Appearance and Layout:

This app’s graphics are simple, but they are also as perfectly indie as can be. Flying Princess Free is not overdone at all, and no unnecessary clutter is clogging up your screen at any time. Between each chapter a bit of the Flying Princess storyline is displayed, but players can easily skip this part it they want. (However, I should note that the storyline is really part of what makes this app so fun; while it’s a pretty basic love story, it’s also wonderfully wittily told.) The font for Flying Princess Free is easy to read, and the aim of each level is easy to understand. Overall, there really is nothing to complain about regarding the appearance or layout of this app.


Flying Princess Free is a free game, and as such its value is definitely great. While in-app purchases can be made if desired, no such purchases are really necessary for enabling consumers to enjoy playing this game. For anyone who liked playing “Bloons,” or for anyone who simply likes decently challenging storyline game apps, Flying Princess Free will definitely not disappoint.

Flying Princess Free iPhone app requires iOS 4.2 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

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