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Debate Decider: Written iPhone App Review

Reviewed by Marilyn Chau

The Debate Decider by Boomerang Enterprises is a free app that provides an easy way for you to take polls of your Twitter followers. Designed for those moments when you’re locked in a heated debate with a friend, the Debate Decider gives you an easy way to survey your followers in order to settle the debate by popular vote.


This app gives the consumer who always thinks that he/she is right a way to easily “prove” the validity of his/her opinion. The Debate Decider provides an easy platform for posting “either-or” Twitter polls. These polls are completely customizable, allowing you to choose the questions, the possible answers, and the total time for each question to be posted. Once a poll has been completed, the results can then be posted on your Twitter feed for all of your followers to see how you were “right” (or possibly “wrong”) in your initial opinion. Overall, the Debate Decider is an app that gives everyone a fill-out-friendly form for finding out your Twitter followers’ opinions easily. While posting quick questions on Twitter really is simple enough already, the Debate Decider just further simplifies the process; this app also helps to keep track of your Twitter character limit, making posting polls easier than ever before. Of course, for this app to be of much significant use, you’ve got to have a pretty active Twitter following in the first place.

Debate Decider iPhone App Review

Appearance and Layout:

The Debate Decider is a wonderfully easy app to use. The layout is simple and smooth; creating an account is easily done, and posting polls takes practically no time. The “graphics” of this app are pretty minimal, but since the graphics really aren’t the primary focus of it, this lack of extraordinary visual effects doesn’t take away anything from the Debate Decider. The Debate Decider works smoothly with Twitter, just like it is promised to. No instructions are needed, as this app is completely self explanatory.


The Debate Decider is a free app, and for anyone who regularly finds himself engaged in “Which is better?” debates with his friends, this app will be a great addition to his iOS library. It’s easy to use, and as long as you have plenty of Twitter followers who are willing to weigh in with their opinions, then the Debate Decider should deliver on its promise of easy entertainment.

Debate Decider iPhone app requires iOS 5.1 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

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