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BehindTheFrontDoor: Written iPhone App Review

Reviewed by Marilyn Chau

BehindTheFrontDoor by BehindMedia is an app promised to be the “biggest talent show on your iPhone.” BehindTheFrontDoor features an easy way to view the talents of others using the app or to showcase your own talents to be rated by others. This is a free app and is advertised somewhat as being a way to possibly get spotted and offered a contract by the app’s media partners.


BehindTheFrontDoor features an organized way for iOS users to either showcase their talents or to get discovered by the app’s developer’s media partners. The idea behind the app is that users post their videos or pictures of their talents; these can then be viewed and rated by other BehindTheFrontDoor users. Talents promoted to be featured on BehindTheFrontDoor include dancing and modeling, although sports and other activities/talents are also included in the developer’s list of possibilities. According to the developer’s description, the app’s media partners could potentially choose the top rated acts/talents on BehindTheFrontDoor. However, examples of any specific artists who have been discovered through the app are not currently mentioned. Full screen media browsing and linking directly to Facebook and Twitter accounts are also among the features of BehindTheFrontDoor.

BehindTheFrontDoor iPhone App Review

Appearance and Layout:

The layout of BehindTheFrontDoor is easy enough to navigate. It’s simply organized, and yet provides space to showcase a variety of talents. Setting up an account on BehindTheFrontDoor is simple to do, and I appreciated how you can view the talent videos that others have already posted through the app prior to actually having to create an account. The graphics of this app aren’t exceptional, but they’re more than adequate for the serving the purpose of this app. BehindTheFrontDoor is easy to use, the layout of it is largely responsible for its fluidity.


BehindTheFrontDoor is a free app, and for anyone who is particularly interested in discovering the talents of others or in showcasing his/her own talents, BehindTheFrontDoor could be a very entertaining app. At the same time, even though this app provides a platform to showcase a variety of talents, it still will only appeal to a somewhat limited audience. Overall, BehindTheFrontDoor is an app that will be mostly useful for those who either are looking to discover new talents or to get discovered by others. However, BehindTheFrontDoor doesn’t seem to have enough current users to really be entertaining for long for most iOS users.

BehindTheFrontDoor iPhone app requires iOS 4.3 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

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