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ZomNomNom: Turning the Tables On Those Zombies

Tweet  Price: Free Rating: ZomNomNom: Written iPad App Review We’ve been doing this for a number of years now, and during all that time, we have yet to see the zombie fascinations diminish at all. By all indications, there’s a never-ending stream of zombie-related material to be produced, and out of that, we’ve seen some […]


Space Cubes: a Fun Space Puzzle Game for iPhone and iPad

Tweet  Price: Free Rating: Space Cubes: Written iPhone Game Review While intricate games with complex storylines are great, sometimes all you need is a good smash ’em up game to make things right in the world. Forget pages of directions, difficult controls, and tactics that can take weeks to master. With a flick of your […]


ibis Sleep Art: Create Art While You Slumber

Tweet  Price: Free Rating: ibis Sleep Art: Written iPhone App Review One of the most amazing things about sleep is it’s a time when we usually can’t control our actions. Once our head is on the pillow and our eyelids close, our subconscious comes out to play. While it’s fun to dream (and even more […]