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Settle Your Arguments with the Debate Decider

Tweet  Price: Free Rating: Debate Decider: Written iPhone App Review The Debate Decider by Boomerang Enterprises is a free app that provides an easy way for you to take polls of your Twitter followers. Designed for those moments when you’re locked in a heated debate with a friend, the Debate Decider gives you an easy […]


At Your Vocal Command: SpeakingPhoto

Tweet  Price: $0.99 Rating: SpeakingPhoto: Written & Video iPhone App Review SpeakingPhoto is a new app from developer MD Designs. Shoot awesome photos, then simply speak to add audio info before sharing those photos with friends and family in SpeakingPhoto. However, is it worth the $0.99 iTunes price? Let’s take a look at this interesting […]


Just The Music: The Next Big Way To Play Music!

Tweet  Price: $0.99 Rating: Just The Music: Written iPhone App Review (See below for Promo Code Giveaway!) Just The Music is an application available for the iPhone and iPod Touch. The point of Just The Music to to provide you with a more fun and flamboyant music player than the standard one of your phone. […]