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Golf Gamebook: Written iPhone App Review

Reviewed by Philip Chan

What is the best way to keep track of the score on the golf course? Most players simply grab the little paper handout for each course and awkwardly scribble ’em down throughout the game. Wouldn’t you like to find an easier solution on your trusty iPhone? Golf Gamebook (Gamebook-Live Golf Scorecard) is here just for you, from developer Free Drop.

GameBook-Live Golf Scorecard is a virtual score tracker app with a social media twist for golfers. Using this app, you can quickly and easily keep track of your golding group’s score on the greens. At the same time, you can view other live games from other players that you link with through the app. You can even share your scores through Facebook and other social media services. It’s not just scores that are shared, as comments, photos, stats and more are viewable through the app. You can set it up to function as a live score keeper during large tournaments with your friends, and view leaderboards and updated scores as they happen in the game, even if the other players are halfway across the course at the time. Need to send a message to another player? Go for it, with the integrated messaging system in GameBook-Live Golf Scorecard. Finally, if these features aren’t enough for you, there is also live-wagers, longest drive, closest to hole and other competition mini-games you can add in as wanted. I was really impressed with all these features jam-packed into one app. Not only does this app have all these features, but they work well too! It’s annoying having to jot down each score on a paperscore card in golf and I much prefer the format of GameBook-Live Golf Scorecard.

GameBook-Live Golf Scorecard The iPhone App Review

Graphical Layout:
The overall presentation of GameBook-Live Golf Scorecard is quite sharp. The development team behind the app has gone above and beyond to make this app look professional, along with excellent online support. They’ve even put together a video showcasing the app, viewable on YouTube here. Browsing GameBook-Live Golf Scorecard is pretty easy, thanks to the superb layout, and tracking your game or others games is as well. It’s also very simple to add in scores and adjust the score card as need be throughout.

For a free app, Gamebook-Live Golf Scorecard is incredibly impressive. It is absolutely jam-packed with features, perfect for those on the green and off. The social media integration and the neat competitive features of Gamebook-Live Golf Scorecard really also help seal the deal-this one’s a keeper! Furthermore, this is an excellent app for those wanting to host a little tournament and keep track of every players scores live at once! I can see a multitude of ways GameBook-Live Golf Scorecard can be used by golfers and I strongly recommend it to other golfers looking for a solid golf app!


Golf Gamebook (Gamebook-Live Golf Scorecard)iPhone app requires iOS 5.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad devices. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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