Birthday Cards by Cleverbug: Don’t Be That Guy (Send a Card)


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Cleverbug: Written & Video iPhone App Review

Brithday Cards by Celverbug for iPhone

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

Over the years, we’ve come to like the iPhone for a number of different reasons. However, we feel like there’s no reason more important than this: iOS is capable of producing a whole lot of innovative ideas, and increasingly ones that make our live’s easier. To give an example of this, chew on Birthday Cards by Cleverbug for a bit. This free application allows you to sign into Facebook, pick a friend to send a card to, and then mail them a physical item. It’s an incredible offering, and if you’re looking for our full review, you’ll find it below!

Concept and Functionality

As stated, the idea behind Cleverbug is pretty fantastically simple, yet wholly innovative at the same time. It all begins with a Facebook account—this means you’ll need to have one, as well as a few friends to throw in there, too. Once that’s done, Cleverbug trolls through your data, aggregating all of the birthday dates and ages of your friends, at least the ones it can find.

From there, it gets incredibly simple: Select a friend by tapping on them, let Cleverbug load its seemingly endless number of cards, and then select the one that you want to roll with. You can also edit the photos contained there-in, if you like. Once everything is exactly as you like it, ship it out and feel good about yourself! You remembered a birthday for once, and you managed to buy a cheap card to boot. Most cards cost around $2.99 which is a pretty fantastic bargain no matter who you ask. All in all, Cleverbug truly does live up to its namesake in the inventiveness department.

Design and Interface

Brithday Cards by Celverbug for iPhone

Brithday Cards by Celverbug for iPhone

However, a cool idea is absolutely nothing without a rock solid interface to back it up. Thankfully for Cleverbug, they’ve got a good one in the reserve. The app features neat circles for each friend, quickly identifying sex and age. Furthermore, the app seriously does come loaded with a load of cards—we’re really not kidding here. Keep scrolling until you find one that you like, though if you’re like us, you might easily spend fifteen minutes just perusing the multitudes for that perfect solution. It’s an overwhelmingly—in a good way—tremendous number.

Overall Value

And at the end of the day, Cleverbug is simply a marvelous addition to any easy-forget-ers iPhone—ourselves included. We’re terrible at buying cards, but thanks to the simplicity of this pocket-sized app and its far reaching capabilities, we may yet make it through the year without accidentally offending someone through omission. And if you ask us, that functionality is worth a whole lot more than a free app and a token fee to print and ship a card.

Brithday Cards by CleverbugCleverbug requires iOS 3.2 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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