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Vikings vs Dragons: Stop the Beastly Horde!

Tweet  Price: Free Rating: Vikings vs Dragons: Video iPhone App Review Vikings! Dragons! On the iOS! My oh my! Can you protect the lovely Scandinavian denizens from the encroaching horde of vicious dragons in Vikings vs Dragons? Give it a shot in this app from developer Angell Echo, with a new price drop to $0.99 […]


TapeACall Pro: Easily Record Incoming and Outgoing Calls Without Jailbreaking

TweetPrice: $8.99 Rating: TapeACall Pro: Video Ultimate App Review When was the last time you wished you could’ve saved a phone conversation, whether it was a call to a friend, an interview, or a business meeting? Forget about having to jailbreak your phone to access call recording. TapeACall Pro, developed by Epic Enterprises, is a […]


Kino-Lapse: a New and Fun Stop-Motion Photography App

Tweet  Price: $1.99 Rating: Kino-Lapse: Written & Video iPhone App Review Sure, your iPhone, iPod Touch, and/or iPad can take photos and videos. What about taking it a step further and getting just a bit more creative? You know, something like making awesome stop-motion videos? Kino-Lapse, developed by Chih Chieh Hung, is a new app […]