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Yumby Smash: Written iPad App Review

Yumby Smash iPhone App Review

Reviewed by Valerie Lauer

Looking for a little demolition-friendly fun? Then it’s time to get tossing with Yumby Smash. This playful and surprisingly complex title comes to us courtesy of PlayGearz, and you’re going to love the combination of slingshot action, block busting fun and adorably storyline full of friendly Yumbies.


There are 90 unique levels currently available in Yumby Smash. It’s your job to guide your collection of Yumbies (these are gummy-style heroes with fun look and names) through these levels, smashing what needs to be smashed, and collecting the pieces of Starve, a machine that wants to eat all the food. That’ll never do!

As you progress, you’ll also face enemies, spikes and other obstacles. But never fear, utilizing some pretty cool moves you can destroy obstacles, sling your Yumby through enemies, and even fly higher than you ever thought.

One factor that I don’t really like is that there isn’t a simple way to see the whole board. Especially as the game progresses, these levels get huge and have tons of different elements in them. Without getting a good look at where you need to go (a simple pinch to zoom out would do wonders here) it’s way too easy to burn through energy shooting yourself all over the board trying to find things.

Layout & Design:

Yumby Smash iPhone App Review

Yumby Smash

Gamers are going to love the adorable design of these Yumbies. The levels and baddies aren’t too shabby either. This game is colorful, a feast for the eyes, with tons of detail and cute animations and movement.

As I’ve already mentioned, the level view is a bit frustrating. It seems like initially you can pinch to zoom in, but I tried zooming out or scrolling to look around on multiple levels with no success. I also found the multiple finger interactions a bit difficult to use. The game didn’t always seem to realize I had more than one finger on the screen, making it difficult to beat up the bad guys or burst through blocks.

The app also constantly pushes you to buy more power ups, download other apps and earn coins. While that’s not too surprising, based on the app’s price tag, it also means this game is not kid-friendly. So parents, just keep that in mind. Check your app store security settings before you hand this one to the kiddos.

Overall Value:

Despite the app’s attempts to get you to spend some cash, you can play and enjoy Yumby Smash without forking over a lot of money. The fact that the game is absolutely free certainly plays a big part in that. What a deal!

With some dedication and practice, you can be the Yumby Smash master. And if you choose to spend a buck or two, making it easier to reach the top, well it’s a very nicely made game. You’ll definitely be hooked by this title.

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Yumby Smash


Yumby Smash iPhone app requires iOS 5.1 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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