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The Engine Tester: Written & Video iPhone App Review

The Engine Tester for iPhone

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

We really like cars, and we know that’s a machismo sort of thing to admit to—but we really love motoring. We especially like cars, though, if they happen to be our own. In fact, we spend a whole lot of our time trying to figure out if our vehicles are running smoothly, need some tweaking or are ready to roll. This is why we’re quite pleased to be bringing you The Engine Tester by developer Custom Mobile Apps. The app makes it incredibly easy and cool to check the engine health of your petrol baby. Want the proof, as well as a full review? Then check out ours below, just beyond the break!

Concept and Functionality

The best way to explain how The Engine Tester works is to simply explain it to you. So here goes! Simply point your iPhone at the exhaust pipe of your car, hold it there for ten seconds, and then The Engine Tester will tell you everything that’s potentially wrong with your engine.

Sounds magical right?

However, it’s really not that foreign of a concept. By putting in basic information about your car, the app “knows” what the engine purr aught to sound like. It can detect subtle but standard deviations in the sound waves, and then give you a pretty rough estimate of what might be causing problems: If anything is wrong at all. It’s really quite splendid, and the “nifty” factor comes into play as well. We’ve spent a lot of time poking our heads under the hoods of our cars—it’s nice to have an option that, for once, means we don’t have to get all that greasy.

Graphics and Design

The Engine Tester for iPhone

The Engine Tester for iPhone

Better still, the app looks Porsche good, too. It’s a rather simple affair, offering some basic fields and areas for you to fill in information about your car. From there, the rest is done simply by hitting Next, lining up your phone with the exhaust pipe, and letting the app takeover. It’ll give you the results, and it even comes with an handy checklist so you can keep a tally of what’s been done or needs doing to your car. We appreciated all of this immensely, especially the ease with which the app can be used. Whether you’re inputing information about your car’s health yourself, or having the app inform you on its own, it’s a snap to do the whole thing.

Overall Value

In fact, our only real complaint with the app comes with its price. If it were 100 per-cent accurate, we might say it was worth the three bucks. And it still certainly is. But at the end of the day, we’d hardly use The Engine Tester alone as our engine health determinant. As such, the value you get out of it comes solely in the peace of mind purchase.

The Engine TesterThe Engine Tester requires iOS 5.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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