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Out of 100: Written & Video iPhone App Review

Reviewed by Philip Chan

Out of 100, from developer by the same name, is a new media review app for your iOS. It features the top films of today, along with TV shows and console video games, plus classic from other years. Out of 100 has a rating system based on a variety of criteria, including your review! Want to be a film critic for the evening? Keep reading to see if Out of 100 review app is for you!

Using a Facebook-integrated platform, Out of 100 allows you to rate movies, TV shows, and console video games. These ratings are done through a simple numberic slider, on a scale of 1 to 100 (hence the app’s name). You are then given the option of posting the review to Facebook, allowing your friends to see how your critique of these various media pieces plays out. There isn’t a lot of substance here, other than the basic number-value rating system for movies, tv and console video games. It would be really nice to see an additional comment or note section for ratings, allowing users a little more input on the ratings. However, the system currently in place, while very basic, works well and does allow for a sense of feedback on the iOS, which can certainly be fun!

Graphical Layout:

The design of Out of 100 is pretty simple but very functional. Initially, you will need to login with your Facebook account and be sure to let this app access your profile. Once this minor hurdle is completed, you can rate games, movies, and TV shows to your heart’s content. The app will auto post these reviews to your Facebook profile, allowing you to avoid the hassle of re-logging in each time you rate a media piece. The developer have gone for a minimalist theme with the graphic design of Out of 100, but it works nicely and doesn’t detract from app. Advertisements are fairly non-intrusive an really didn’t bother me while using this app.

Out of 100 App Review

Out of 100 is a free app with some useful feedback features for media reviews. Sure, the actual review is rather limited (just a numeric score without comments or other feedback), and the actual metrics used to rate the apps, while somewhat disclosed, aren’t entirely clear (“artistic integrity?”). However, the app layout is clear-cut and easy to figure out. The integrated Facebook login for rating apps is well-done and allows for easy sharing of your score with your friends. Finally, Out of 100 features both old and new movies, television shows, and console video games, allowing for a fairly large breadth in media reviews. Take some time out of your day and play film critic for a moment with Out of 100!

Out of 100 is available on iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad, running iOS 5.0 or later. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review, as well as a video production fee.

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