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Koto Go West: Written iPad App Review

Koto Go West HD for iPad

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

In all honesty, it has been entirely too long since we last had a look at a Koto Go animated storybook by developer Daniel Shneor. A long while ago we had the distinct pleasure of looking at Koto Go Silence, a brilliant addition to the genre, and today we are chuffed to bits to bring you Koto Go West. The app comes packed with everything we would expect from a member of the series, including absolutely gorgeous artwork and animation, as well as a cute story that’s entertaining for both the adult and the child involved. For our full review, you need only to slide on down below the break and have a look!

Concept and Functionality

Koto Go West is what we like to call an “animated storybook electrified”—or something like that. Essentially, the app is an animated storybook with some interactive gaming. Your child will have the distinct pleasure of being able to watch Koto interact with his world, as well as perform some actions at their encouragement. They’re allowed to tap the screen to receive input back, or slide the page to continue the story. Along the way, the characters and objects move about, react to their environments, and fashion together an entire world that’s just ripe for the telling. We cannot get enough of this, and we’re rather envious: We wish such a marvelously engaging item had existed when we were children!

The story is also quite good, as it follows Koto’s sheriff-themed exploits throughout the West. Being Westerners ourselves, it’s a fun outing. However, we guarantee that anyone can enjoy what the app has to offer, especially with such simplistic and kid-friendly controls at the helm.

Design and Graphics

Koto Go West HD for iPad

Koto Go West HD for iPad

To further our honesty still, if we could give a rating higher than five stars here, we absolutely would. We cannot stress enough that Koto Go West is simply gorgeous, and perhaps the best looking children’s application we have seen to date. The world is incredibly inviting, the characters lively, and the entire package teeming with carefully drawn digital art. We promise that every child will fall in love with the aesthetics here, and we have to admit that we were quite smitten ourselves. All in all, it’s something not to be missed for any fan of children’s literature, and for young children interested in a good written jape, as well.

Overall Value

As far as eBooks for children are concerned, Koto Go West also happens to be rather cheap. It will only put you out three bucks in the App Store, which makes it a fantastic value for the work that’s gone into it—as well as for the many multitudes of rereads that you’ll get out of it. All in all, we simply cannot recommend another children’s book over this, and if you’re looking for a new addition the bedtime regimen, we strongly recommend a dose of Koto Go West.

Koto Go WestKoto Go West requires iOS 4.3 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

Koto Go West HD for iPad

Koto Go West for iPhone/iPod Touch

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